LPC Public Hearing April 5 to Consider New Construction at 27 Cranberry, Two Other Brooklyn Heights Projects

The Landmarks Preservation Commission will hold a public hearing, followed by a public meeting, on Tuesday, April 5, beginning at 9:30 a.m., at 1 Centre Street, 9th floor, in Manhattan, at which the application to construct a new building at 27 Cranberry Street, presently an open space between two houses (see photo), will be considered.

Two other projects in the Heights are on the agenda: (1) an application to legalize the construction, without LPC approval, of a stair bulkhead at 113 Columbia Heights; and (2) an application to demolish a rear addition, and construct a new rear addition, at 68 Cranberry Street.

According to the official notice: “Any person requiring reasonable accommodation in order to participate in the hearing or attend the meeting should call or write the Landmarks Commission no later than five (5) business days before the hearing or meeting.”

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  • stuart little

    A shame really. That is such a pretty open yard. A new building will not be an improvement there.

  • George Earl

    Well, I’m all for seeing that yard kept. However, most folks shouting, “No don’t build” probably don’t have the proverbial penny in the piggy bank to back them up. Lets see someone buy that property and pay for a green spot there. Naturally, that would involve the construction, as well as 365 days per year upkeep and observation. Otherwise it could become another “Don’t go in that spot after the sun sets” spot in the Heights. And there are a growing number of them, you know.

  • Big Dave

    I thought this was a garden for a neighboring home, not a separate plot of land…

  • Cranberry Beret

    What a bunch of nimbys! (and I live there)

    The open yard is recent. There used to be a house there (like every other plot in the neighborhood). The former owner kept it as a garden, then he decided not to. I love the open space but it was designed for a house.

  • stuart little

    that lot has always been vacant. If there was once a house there a long time ago, which I doubt, it would have been a little wooden house like the one next door. If someone wants to build a little wooden house, that would be fine, but I bet it is going to be an imposing mansion with an indoor swimming pool, an elevator, etc. Something more suited to Columbia Heights than to this quaint little block.

  • Cranberry Beret

    Ok now you’re talking. Yes it was a little wooden house. This is the right debate, I think – another wood house or a big mansion.

  • David on Middagh

    @George Earl: What are the dangerous spots in the Heights?

  • Linda

    I would also like to know what are the dangerous spots in the Heights so I can avoid them.

  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith

    Mr Earl you are correct-the Heights has some of the greatest
    wealth of an neighborhood in the US per cap. But of course,
    the real money is in old law trusts-this lot could be saved with a phone call-there isnt money in the HEIGHTS to perserve
    historic open space? But youre dealing with the corrosive
    aspect of the trust system. The people who could really
    perserve the Heights are part of the political/financial occult.
    The whole reason for their structure is to have as FEW
    visable assets as possible. So if you go to them and ask
    for money which would go into any kind of seizable asset
    or would somehow possibly draw public attention to them
    they RUN away from any involvement like that.

    Its just one of the main religions of the Heights; Financial
    invisability. The larger and older the assets are, the more
    they adhere to the religion of thread needle street, which
    of course, the Heights (and a few other places) are a
    US owned territory.

    Weve lost DOZENS of fine properties to inappropriate
    development or inappropriate ownership only because
    of the secret religion of Fin Invisability that defines
    but also corrodes the Heights

    202 544 5977

  • EHinBH

    Not dangerous, but Court between Mont and State is horrific. Everyone just pretends its fine, but it’s not. Re: House. They are going to build a modern structure. I actually think it will be interesting — a diverse mixture of architecture is a good thing. Like having mid-century modern mixed-in with with the other stock up in New Canaan…

  • Cranberry Beret

    Where did you hear that, EH? That’s not what I heard a couple of months ago. Did their plans change?

  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith

    Whenever you have a community like the Heights the watchword
    aleways has to be careful.NOT to introduce any design which disrupts the existing order.Which is producing what we all are very
    priv. to have.

    Think of the Heights as as, well, an electrical circuit. Its at present producing a kind of field of beneficial energy…just bear with me here….now lets say someone comes along who is not an engineer or even a tech. but he or she decides just to put any component her or she feels should be put in. Whatever meets thier fancy or they can perhaps gain some kind of compensation installing. Or he or she decides to replace an existing component with another kind of device or change a value of a component. So they put in a resistor where a capisitor had been places in the circuit or they decide to change the value of a 100 ohm resistor to a 10,000
    ohm unit.

    Does anything think that the circuit will now work? Is it now going
    to produce the field energy product it did before it was tampered

    The Heights, either by design or happenstance was formed into a
    very valid and very beneficial total device. if you tamper with it it will more and more cease to function . In years past, you had a very wise life long type of Heights residents who knew all this,
    and more.Then increasingly, as they died off, they were replaced by thier children who did not have the at times profound under-
    standing of the original familites. Worse, in the early 1970’s and on the day to day management of the Heights fell under the
    sanhed, well, the interlocking community of real estate management firms, lawyers, title guarantee and insurance firms
    often in 16 and 26 court street. And local agressive real estate
    types all with rain puddle deep thinking and NO understanding
    of the consequences of thier actions on the Heights “circuit”
    and the kind of atmosphere thier “improvements” would cause.

    Question: why dont you take a vash or patek off your arm and
    throw it hard against the ground?…Because its three things:
    its delicate and its valuable and it will ONLY produce the
    very valuable product it does IF it is understood as a SYSTEM
    with interactive components which produces the valued product
    it does. If like a child you tamper with the device or abuse the overall system the device’s operation will…. cease.

    Its a ultimate comment on our times by the way,that anyone has actiially openly have to say any of this……

    The Heights is a system, a device with carefully installed components. If you change the components, or the kind
    well, lets say types of energetic units (thats PC for type of
    residents) the circuit shelters or contains you will render
    the device more and more inoperative or you will destroy
    the device…..

    This has happened with many great cities and great civilizations
    which outlasted the great and wise people who built the great
    devices which produced the great, well, life supporting field effects or perhaps what everyone can recognize as social atmospheres.

    This is what the old Heights residents 50 years ago understood
    and based thier behavior and attitudes on.

    If you change the components in the “circuit” or change the
    type of units it contains, you “change”…or destroy the device

    We may be on the edge of very difficult times, I suggest you all
    be VERY CAREFUL what is done with this, device which shelters
    all of us.

    202 544 5977