NY Times Calls Out Heights Burglaries

Today’s City Room section of The New York Times focuses on the rash of burglaries that has hit the Heights, which have been aided by unlocked windows and doors.

“Oh no, we don’t lock our doors often,” said Allen Tobias, 67, who has lived in Brooklyn Heights since 1984. “You get used to a certain level of comfort and you don’t go back too easily. But I locked my door today. The burglaries were right around the corner.”

The Times mentioned the Remsen Street burglary featured in Tuesday’s blotter, as well as two subsequent burglaries on Willow Street. Another burglary turned out to be a messy apartment.

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  • eg

    Having the story in the Times could backfire. While it may be a good reminder to residents to lock their doors and windows when going out. it could also be an invitation for some to come burgle in the Heights, because it is easy pickings.

  • Demonter

    Does New York City’s criminal element read the New York Times?

  • David on Middagh

    @ Demonter: Ah, but the relevant NYT quote has been reproduced right here, which changes the question…

  • Demonter

    The perps know the good neighborhoods as does everyone else. I always say if someone wants in they can almost always get in even with alarms and security systems. Private security patrols 24/7 would be an effective deterrent…maybe someday.