Open Thread Wednesday 3/9/11

Riverside Tenants BHA Award/Photo: Homer Fink w/Baby Fink

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  • Eddy de Lectron

    Wow, I won best comment, Thanks, Homer, Claude and Heather…
    BTW, how did you get my voice so perfect?

  • AmyinBH

    @bklyn20: Maybe the man was given the wrong address and looking for Paul Giamatti’s or Bjork’s trash. Famous trash can fetch a hefty sum on ebay.

    I now have a way to secure parking for my family when they visit….fake police signs! What a great idea. I never would have thought to put up fake signs.

  • Eddy de Lectron

    @ bklyn20,

    My bet is on identity theft. I busted a couple of “them” (Matt Damon types) doing the same thing, when I lived in a brownstone and the trash cans were out front. That prompted me to buy a shredder. Now I shred everything; bills, statements, medical records, credit cards, junk-mail, passport, drivers license…. I find it quite cathartic.

  • AEB

    I have it on good authority that before it was Beaujerk (!), It was Beaujerkowitcz.

    You know, takes one to hate one.

  • lee

    @MARTINLBROOKLYN, I too have had problems with the Fresh Direct trucks parked outside my window parked in front of fire hydrant for years esp at 6:40am on a Sunday. I have emailed Fresh Direct numerous time and told them if they don’t stop idling their trucks I will be call the proper authorities and filing a complaint about the idling and illegal parking. I got a call from some manager telling me that this will stop and I should notice it right away. Well, it has gotten better. Email FD and keep doing it until you get a response.

  • Teddy

    I just read a reader’s comment on Brownstoner that Heights Cafe is closing with a Caribbean restaurant opening in its place. Is there another “Heights Cafe” in Brooklyn because I didn’t hear anything about our Heights Cafe closing. There’s nothing unusual with their website. The comment is near the bottom.

  • y

    Too bad its not the Heights Cafe, but the Heights coffe instead:

  • val

    Damn! I wish I’d checked back here yesterday. Skimmed the comments quickly. I’m confused: Is Matt Damon a PMSing Jew?

  • bklyn20

    After looking over some neighborhood bikes, I now believe it was just someone in the neighborhood trying to dispose of trash before biking to work. I guess he just couldn’t hear me through the helmet. I am happy to have unintentionally provoked some interesting theories on this thread, though — excluding one of the comments, that is.

  • Homer Fink

    Anyone here check out links on their smartphones via QR codes?

  • Marty’s Girls: Alana

    Just went to the recently opened EyeBrowThreading spot @ 110 Montague. I am beyond happy that there is finally one of these in the neighborhood. Now I don’t have to goto the city or down to Willoughby to get my eyebrows done. Note: The owner Laila is super nice.

  • Andrew Porter

    I finally had one of those weird Brooklyn Heights Bagels encounters today. Bought two bagels, after counterman, with back turned to me and talking to guy getting an order done, noticed I was there (wait time: 30 seconds). Then he couldn’t find a salt bagel, had to ask for assistance. Took one of the bagels, put it into a paper bag, took it out, put it into a smaller paper bag. Took second bagel, put it into a separate paper bag. Gave both bags to cashier.

    This was at about 4pm, place was not very busy.

  • nabeguy

    Andrew, I have to ask. What did he do with your schmear?

  • T.K. Small

    The schmear got put into a third paper bag…

  • Lauren

    I have no idea who or where to complain too.. BUT… my bedroom window faces out to the back yards on hicks street and someone keeps letting there dog out at all hours of the night and the dog WILL NOT stop barking. My entire family was woken up at 2:30 AM because of the non stop barking that went on for 10 mins straight. I am not someone that has never had a dog, I had a dog for many many many years… but never once would I let me dog go on like that, especially OUTSIDE in the middle of the night. Who can I contact about this?

  • Eddy de Lectron

    @ Homer, Yeah I’ve checked out the QR code links, but really just to see how it works, which is well. Although, I have yet to see one linked to something I am really interested in.

  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith

    Notice what happening in the latest, ugly, chapter of 100 Clark St
    (at Monroe Pl) saga?;

    The lights under the protective structure are out, again. So of course the street “games” have begun. Mostly with the targets
    of women walking in the darkened area. Every street creep now
    feels its just the thing to make the women well, uncomfort
    able”. The moment the lights went out, the obscene remarks and approaches started…..

    Now why cant the BHA or one of the officers of the 84th Pct
    community council make the supreme effort of a proactive
    call to 311 when they see the lights off? They should know,
    with all the dozens and dozens of incidents in front of 100 Clark
    over the last 30 years.

  • nabeguy

    Jeffrey, not for nothing, but are your fingers in splints? Make the call to 311 yourself, or maybe directly to the BHA and 84th. But bear in mind that neither the BHA or the 84th have jurisdiction over the landlords maintenance of his sidewalk lighting. Perhaps the DOB or DOT might be a better outlet for your complaints.

  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith

    I have called, severa;l of my neighbors have called.

    But the way the land of King michael works is that you need one
    or more persons who really understand the system and know how to navagate through the world of the building dept or 311. But
    given all that, there is NO substitute for a firestorm of calls.
    And no one should kid themselves…the various city departments
    agencies and eoffices of elected officials know very well which
    communities are highly reactive and which thye can sail the queen mary past…this is just a social/political reality.

    So this is theway it works. A small group of highly skilled activists can repeatedly call for serious community problems. But in time
    they become known and they are “factored” in the general
    equasion of how govenment responds. The ONLY time when
    various elements of government cannot adjust is when the
    reactivity of a community is so high or they are placesd in such a position of legal liability that they cant “do game” they cant do a foot dragging game to drain the energy of a community’s response.

    They HAVE to deal with communities’ legit needs on a really fair and prompt basis.

    Its Jeff law #2 a power establishment or control mechanism never moves unless it feels its losing control….

  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith


    There was a MAJOR incident Sunday aprox 3 PM at St Francis College On Remsen st. One attendee at the woman basketball
    game apparenlty attacked a rival group sending at least 12
    persons to 3 ambulances from LICH at the scene. The 84 response involved at least 12 officewrs and a sargent at the scene. OPeople were barred from entry to the scene while police and EMS personnel ascorted dozens odf schocked patrons from the building. No further details were attainable at the scene and
    this itel should be considered plim. But this was a MAJOR Incident…

    These games have been a significant neighborhood security problem in the past due to the behavior of attendees……
    ph# 202 544 5977

  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith

    Over the weekien there was a series of incidenbts at the Pierrepont playground, at the foot of Pierrepont st at the Promenade.

    The maintence man for at least two nights left the lock off the gate, and…for some reason the partk dept has begun to leave
    the bathroom door lock open. The combo resulted in two serious
    incidents in which police were called. First, an apparent group of youths trashed the facility on Friday night Then, on saturday night
    two “gentlemen” decided that they should dispute in the men’s room. Police closed the doors on each occasion and secured the facility as best as possible

    After the first incident, 311 was called

    This resulted in complaint # C 1-1-639659080

    Heights residents are encouraged to call 311 to ask what is being done to secure the playground after dark which is what parks dept regulations, and basic sanity, call for.

    On Sunday morning, however, further information became available. First, the closing of the Pierrepont Playground
    according to sources, is the responsibility of the maintence
    man at 1 Columbia Heights. At least one source in the parks deps states he is compensated for this work.

    To report problems in any park facility in the Brooklyn hHeights
    area the Number to call is 718 625 8076

    This connects to the local parks dept supervisor who’s office is located in the War memorial building….Beyond that…the Brooklyn office with level one supivisors and above is located at what is generally called the “castle” or more properly, the “villa” which is reportedly located at Prospect Park West and 5th street.

    Having this park open and the “facilities” open 24/7 is a SERIOUS
    security condition. Anyone who lived around here in the 70’s or early 80″s knows why anything which brings down the promenade
    area security is very serious.

  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith


    The controversy over pierrepont playground being left open and then trashed over the weekend continued today and became a
    more complex matter when, it is said, a major source in the Parks Dept Headquarters at the “Arsenal” at 5th Ave and 62nd st (24 W 61 st 10023 mail address) in Manhattan disclosed the proper
    chain of command which has authority over all park facilities
    in the Brooklyn Heights area.

    The local parks dept office is indeed in the War memorial building
    Cadman Plaza. The Phone there is: 718 722 3214

    The Supervisor at the war memorial office is Mr Mike Shuster a long serving veterian of the Parks Dept

    His superior is Mr Neil Harmond 347 865 5218 He is newly
    appointed ansd very serious about the proper management
    of the parks under his command.

    The authiority above this is with the Brooklyn operations center
    Brooklyn Parks dept Headquarters at the famious Litchfield Villa building at Prospect Park (95 Prospect Park West 11215) Operations dept is at: 718 965 8956 and 8912……

    I spoke to Mike Schuster and Neil Harmond. During the conversation I recieved the very sad news that one of the
    most long serving parks dept employees who services the
    playground John Espisito has lost his mother in the last few
    days and substitutes have been filling in. Our sincere wishes to
    John at this time.

    Several sources say that the city has a schedule which causes parks dept personnel to work ONLY to 4 PM leaving few employees available to lock the gate at 6 PM. And in some cases
    volinteer are needed to perform this very basic parks dept
    management function!

    Several people are investigating what is the exact state of affairs
    in the closing of the park in the evening. Several sources say that
    employees of a major building in the area have been contracted
    to close the park.

    So who is really responsible for securing the park and preventing
    the scene we had over the weekend?

    It would be good if some of you reading this simply took the time
    to CALL the above numbers and express YOUR concern.

    Open parks are a serious safety issue.

    And Jeff’s law #7 always applies..the more noise you make, the safer and nicer neighborhood you get to live in…..

  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith

    Does anyone have any further information on the Major incident which took place at St Francis College Sunday aprox 3 PM. It
    caused numerious police vehicles 3 LICH ambulances and about a dozen EMS personnel to converge at the scene. The block was closed off to traffic and at least a dozen peole were taken to ambulances for examination.

  • Susan Malus

    I am writing about 9/11 and would like to know if, on 9/11 and following days, any of the terrible odor from the site drifted to any part of Brooklyn Heights. If you can help, thank you.Where I was, in Park Slope, there was nothing.

  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith

    Dear Susan:

    I have a lot of information and sources on the WTC cloud that
    drifted directly through the heights. I secured a four element
    highest industrial grade MSA mask with filters optimized to the threat. I had to evacuate my apartment and stay with my girlfriend on the upper east side three plus weeks (which was worse than the 911 disaster itself), (well almost.)

    But there IS a very large WTC chemicle victim advocates community AND a large 911 chemical effects research community

    Just google WTC Dust or 911 dust and you’ll see the AMOUNT of
    activists and researchers involved.

    Also, the LOADSTONE of 911 dust information is on the

    NYenviormental law web site.

    ALSO: look at http://www.911 and order thier SUPER DVD
    of the cloud, its effects and GREAT interviews with ACTUIAL
    witnesses and victims. You’ll be horified at what REALLY happened with people exposed.

    also try: they have very good contin-
    uiing to this day coverage of the latest research and the effects of the cloud. Including on people who didnt know they were exposed.

    Just because you were not overwhelmed with odor doesnt mean that your area was not significantly or dangeriously exposed.

    Check first the National Reconisense Office NRO look at the photos of the cloud. Which these darlings chose to keep
    classified for a year and a half. Imagine the public outcry if the photos were released in real time. Gee..but then people could have made the decision to move location and not to be exposed….imagine that.

    The NRO run the spy satellites and they took hundreds of high resolution photos of the WTC cloud in its predomant path over Brooklyn. It went through the Heights, then to park slope then to Boro Park…then to Sheepshead bay. I interviewed people in Sheepshead bay who ended up on multiple medications due to the cloud’s effects.

    My pharmacist on the upper east side at the time was one, he
    lived in Sheepshead bay and ended up on 14 medications.

    ANYONE who was in the path of the cloud, even if you did not detect anything, should have a series of basic tests. Most of
    the researchers and doctors I spoke to advocate ANA and C-
    reactive tests beside a general A & B screen. Anyone in the
    path should also have a viewing of their airways by a competant
    specialist knowlegable in WTC effects this is BEST done somewhere west of Chicago. NYC docs are VERY leery of rattling
    NY state or NY medical society cages on anything related ti WTC. …ALSO when you get any kind of viewing you want a DVD made which YOU keep. This is why it is best to SELF REFER yourself to the viewing specialist. And Have the viewer lens first drawn across you teeth for positive ID that the DVD is of you.

    You cant imagine the mixups I’ve seen in medical files.

    And ANYONE in the path of the cloud who does not get a full
    spectrum cancer marker series every six months is not
    guarding thier life properly. No matter what your PCP thinks-
    I suggest you talk to real non-govermental related WTC experts on how to safeguardyour health.

    E mail me or phone me and I will honestly do everything I can to
    provide access to theresearch comunity on WTC toxic exposure.
    202 544 5977
    usually have a scope of thier airway to look for reactive airway conditions.

  • someone

    @ Susan: Yes. There was even some dust on the cars when i finally got home that day. Back then I also spent a lot of time in Inwood at the upper tip of Manhattan and for some reason the smell was even up there.

  • Eddy de Lectron

    @ Susan,

    Yes, quit a bit of dust and the smell was here for weeks.

    P.S. you may want to repost this question on the current open thread, this is an old one.

  • Andrew Porter

    Susan, every day that the winds came from the northwest, i.e., the prevailing fair weather winds, there was a horrible stench in my part of BH. I have described it as a combination of the smell of burning plastic and dog urine. Everyone was forced, on those beautiful sunny days, to close their windows and turn on their air conditioner. The smell lasted for four months, until December.