Heights Resident Hattie Forgang Struck by Van

Brooklyn Heights resident Hattie Forgang, 93, who works as a legal secretary in Downtown Manhattan was struck by a van yesterday on Park Place near Broadway. The NY Post reports that Forgang had fallen on the street before she was struck by a Department of Health and Mental Hygiene van. She sustained hip and ankle injuries and was admitted to intensive care at St. Vincent’s Hospital.

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  • CJP

    I wish Hattie well in her recovery and I am sorry to hear of the accident.

    Just amazed at age 93 she’s still working as a legal secretary in Manhattan, making that commute.

    This story raises so many issues. Why is a 93-year-old woman still working? Was that age correct on the blog and in the News? And how ironic is it that a Health Department van hits the woman…

  • GHB

    CJP, maybe it’s the work that keeps her so vital. Do you think that everyone should be put out to pasture once they hit 65?

  • BOJ

    I used to live in the same coop bldg. that Hattie lives in. She is amazing. She works because she wants to, and yes I think it’s one part of her life that keeps her vital. But she also regulary attends the theatre, takes classes every semester, walks everywhere and has a great social life.

  • Nancy Forgang

    Hattie Forgang lived a life to be admired. I have known her for over 35 years, and work certainly kept her very young. What happened to Hattie was indeed a tragedy, but she was a role model for all elderly people to keep going, regardless of pain or infirmity.

  • CG

    I knew Hattie as well and she was a very strong woman. She worked because she wanted to and the age is correct. If you ever met her though, you would think she was much younger by the way she carried herself.

    My deepest condolences to her family and friends.