NY Daily News: Rite Aid Selling Expired Pills

The NY Daily News does some muckraking today and uncovers expired allergy pills for sale at the Atlantic and Court Rite Aid:

NY Daily News: Stores Still Selling…: The Daily News found lots of expired medicines on the shelves in New York drugstores Thursday – hours after officials accused two chains of selling outdated pills, milk and baby formula.

Acetaminophen pain relievers that should have been pulled last year were still being sold at a lower East Side CVS store.

Three months after they had expired, bottles of Tylenol allergy capsules were on the shelf at a Rite Aid in Brooklyn Heights.

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  • clarknt67

    Rite Aid sucks. I’ve never forgiven them for accusing me of stealing from their safe when I managed one in college. The night manager from the previous night in all likelihood did the dead. For the record, their security team interrogated me for hours, but I was not fired. I haven’t given them my money ever since.

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    The night manager from the previous night was a necrophiliac?

    (Sorry. I know it was just a slip of the finger, but it was too good to resist.)

  • James

    I was a manager for Rite Aid and was accused of the same thing, I was interrogated for hours by security for Rite Aid and they tried to trick me into admitting that I did this. I have never forgiven them even though I was not fired, but I was put in the worst store in town and was the subject of brutal attacks from robbers and from gangs that tried to distroy the store and threatened my life along with my staff. Rite Aid never did anything about this, they don’t care for anyone but themselves, as you can see Mary Sammons makes 5+ mill a year along with several others, while managers have to deal with putting their lives on the line to keep her salary coming in. I hope that Rite Aid falls and falls hard, they deserve everything that is happening to them. When I took over a store after one manager was fired, the items on the shelves were outdated as much as 4 years, and still being sold. Officials need to step in and go through every store and see what they find, you would be amazed, especially in stores with GNC products……I always wondered when this would happen, have fun looking for another job, thanks for nothing…………………………………………….

  • clarknt67

    you know, I wouldn’t have put that past him.

  • anon

    i worked for a rite aid in ohio and after rite aid had been brought out on the news for selling expired merchandise they had a group of people including myself go through all the stores in the area it was disturbing how many thousands of dollars in merchandise was sitting on the shelf that had been outdated for over a year, the funny part was while in one of there training classes the teach that expired medication can become toxic! they need to take there own advice