Confirmed! Tazza Adding Clark Street Location

A very nice lady answering the phone at Tazza confirms a comment made today by “Clarkeye”:

The doors of the former Mike’s Kosher place were open this morning, and one of the men inside said it wasn’t his place but that a cafe was going to open up there. He said it would be Tazza. Hooray! Hope it’s true. The north Heights really needs a place to get a decent cup of coffee in the morning.

Is this the sustainable business we’ve all be waitng for at 72 Clark Street?

Photo: uqbar via Flickr

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  • beth

    !!!! I am VERY excited.

  • Jo

    Fantastic news indeed! The best thing to happen to Clark St. in a long while. I wish them all the best.

  • GHB

    Great news! Tazza’s so much better than Starbucks, and we need a good coffee place near the train!

  • Made In Brooklyn

    Great news!

  • elvisIII

    What about their ant-computer policies? Good? Bad?

  • compu

    on the computer policies…

    Reasonable enough as to lunch times (and, i suppose, weekends). But the ban should end around 2 on weekdays, when the place clears out and a computer user wouldn’t be taking a seat from anyone else.

  • anon

    Confirmed! As of this evening, they have put a couple Tazza postcards up in windows.

    I had a quick peek inside yesterday on my way home from work — the front door was open while some workmen were leaving. Having never been to any of the failed 72 Clark Street businesses, I was surprised that it’s a HUGE space. Not sure if some of it will be used for the kitchen, but the property really goes back quite a ways. This, of course, probably means that the rent must be sky high. On the plus side, I too will be buying coffee and maybe breakfast on my way to work there often. Open soon!

  • fotog

    I only hope they’re not as slow as their Henry St. location … especially if people are trying to make trains! But man oh man the brie & apricot panini and the goat cheese salads are so worth the wait :)

  • L

    hooray! As a resident of the building above 72 CLark St. I’m thrilled that something is finally coming to the space that has a chance to make it. In the 5 years i’ve lived here, there have been 3 businesses, open for a total of maybe… 8 months. Any idea when it will open?

  • E

    anyone know when it’s opening?

  • Andrew Porter

    The trouble all along with 72 Clark is that it’s *not* a rental, but a commercial cooperative space. So you had to pay something around $100K before you even did any work on the place.

  • http://n/a BVKITS

    Has anyone heard the Mockingbird on Montague St? He (or she) chirps from midnight til 2 or 3 am. Imitating Cardinals, Blue Jays, Car alarms & police sirens. I love having a country bird in the city!

  • bornhere

    Not sure about the mockingbird, but I have noticed more rural-sounding birds over the past couple of years. Yay!!

  • Loving Brooklyn

    Does anyone know when Tazza will open. I walked by on my way to the subway this morning and the beautiful modern light fixtures were on! Do you think it will be open before fourth of july weekend? As a side note, those light fixtures seem to be almost identical to the ones at the Danish Seamens Church on Willow Street. I can’t wait to walk one block for lattes, croissants, and newspaper reading!

  • TazzaLover

    Asked a worker going into the new Tazza when it’s going to open and he said 2 weeks – so sounds like after 4th of July weekend!!!! O rapturous joy – the North Heights has been delivered from its dearth of scrumptious baked goods!

  • William Spier

    I’m ambivalent about what business goes into 72 Clark. But if Tazza has a no PC policy, it has my support. “Coffeehouses” were always a place where creative thinking sorts met for community chatter–and perhaps talk about Yaqui Indian peyote. When you go into a Starbucks, for what they call coffee, folks never take their eyes off of their laptop screens. What the heck is so important that these isolated sorts feel the need to ignore everything, and everyone, but their flat panels? I think everyone who plops a laptop down at a Starbucks table is really homeless and searching for a job at Goldman Sachs.

  • Bobs ur uncle

    Hey willie, taza is already there… Coffee smell it wake up

  • my2cents

    seriously, dude. where have you been the last year?

  • W. Spier

    You’re right, sorry. Been in Europe most of the last 6 months and just never noticed it.

  • nabeguy

    You sure it was Europe or was that the peyote talking?

  • Pepper

    Willie Spier – your comment, “I think everyone who plops a laptop down at a Starbucks table is really homeless and searching for a job at Goldman Sachs.” is such a sweeping generalization. You are pompous and this website is rife with your elitist comments “Oh I was in Europe for the past six months.” If you were in Europe, that is awesome and I wish I could do that. But while you may have been in galavanting in the Greek Isles your multiple posts on this website prove that you were one of those people plopped down behind a computer issuing your inane comments on this website.