Tazza Second Location?

A BHB commenter mentioned a couple of weeks ago that Tazza would be opening a second location in the old Mike’s Steakhouse location on Clark Street. Today, someone has posted that rumor on Chowhound. When contacted Tazza a couple of weeks ago the barista on duty didn’t know anything about the rumored expansion. Ok, so we’re not MAINSTREAM JOURNALISTS like, say, Kuntzman. Anyone have the straight dish? Will Tazza be able to snap the 52 72 Clark Street curse?

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  • bhbabe

    wow … that would make this Tazza consumer so very happy! Their salads and pastries are so yummy — just too bad they’re so slow (especially delivery!)

  • Bongo

    Well, there definitely have been signs of activity in the space recently.

  • Herb

    No! this will put busy chef out of business!!

  • Clark Street Station

    The Mike’s / Bagelady space is 72 Clark Street. 52 Clark may be cursed for other reasons, but can’t take the fall for this one.

  • Homer Fink

    You are correct sir.

  • yo

    i thought a starbucks was opening up in that space?

  • GHB

    Tazza please! They actually have good coffee, not to mention their other stuff. That would be so much better than another Starbucks. And right across from the station!

  • nancy

    At $3.50 a cup, it should put Cranberry’s out of business!!!

  • ABC

    I have a love/hate relationship with Tazza. Meanwhile, I think it’s by far the best thing going — which means I have a straightup hate/hate relationship with everything else.

    It would be GREAT to have it on Clark St. Can they do outdoor seating there? I’d feel like such a 1950s housewife sitting there with the baby, having a iced coffee, and waiting for my husband to get off the subway.

  • Jo

    Please please please, this would be great, and I think they would do pretty well.

  • Andrew

    Tazza on Clark St? Would be very, very good.

  • No One Of Consequence

    no, they are not the same.

  • wtf


    No, not same people.

    Tazza is edible.

  • http://www.ethanjamesduff.com EjimmyD

    I live in the building and if Tazza opened up downstairs I would dance a lively hornpipe (but quietly, so as not to disturb the neighbors).

    Please let it be so…

  • Lew

    This spot is ideal for a well-run establishment like Tazza. Their current location at Henry/ Atlantic has one drawback and it certainly has nothing to do with what they serve. Their current space (when their outdoor tables are not open), simply cannot always handle the crowds. I have been in the Clark Street venue when it was a steakhouse and there is no question that it is a perfect size to handle the volume of customers. I’m addicted to their offerings and although I don’t mind walking there from the Hicks/Clark street area, I sure would appreciate the shorter distance when it rains, snows or is brutally hot. Go for it TAZZA!

  • Clarkeye

    The doors of the former Mike’s Kosher place were open this morning, and one of the men inside said it wasn’t his place but that a cafe was going to open up there. He said it would be Tazza. Hooray! Hope it’s true. The north Heights really needs a place to get a decent cup of coffee in the morning.