Brigates Back to Bocce, Lose to Lizards

Brigate Bocce, the official Bocce team of BHB, engaged in league play at FloydNY for the first time in over a year Sunday. After allegedly being “banned” from the sport Cappo Homer Fink and company played tenaciously in a point-by-point pot boiler against the Gowanus Iguanas. Despite some clutch plays by Naked Idiot’s Dan and the Polling Unit’s JDP the Brigates came up short losing in two sets 7-3, 7-5.

Capo Fink commented to reporters gathered at a post game screening of You Don’t Mess with the Zohan: “In considerazione del fatto che nessuno di noi ha svolto o praticato il meraviglioso gioco di bocce, poiché essendo vietata, avrei da dire abbiamo fatto molto bene. Siamo grati per il nostro ripristino e ansioso di vincere il trofeo per questo anno che trofeo è mio e devo farlo. Per il nostro futuro avversari, Vi suggerisco di imparare a ridere un po ‘di tanto in tanto, è un bene per voi.”

The Brigates face Boccismo next Sunday at Floyd.

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  • Super Mario

    “Considering that none of us has played or practiced the wonderful game of bowls as being prohibited, I have to say we did very well. We are grateful for our rehabilitation and eager to win the trophy for this year that trophy is mine and I have to do it. For our future adversaries, I suggest you learn to laugh a little ‘from time to time, it is good for you. “

  • Teddie Boy Eddie

    You should have had the pink lemonade.