Open Thread Wednesday 3/2/11

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Update: Our first “comment of the week” video after the jump.

This comment from last week by Andrew Porter is our first “re-enacted” comment of the week. “Actor #1″ plays “the part” of Andrew.

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  • Homer Fink

    btw… apparently our contact form has “issues”…. “Qfwfq” is looking into it. in the meantime, just email webmaster directly!

  • Lou

    The truck was the owners giant 4 door pick up. Not a mobile food truck or anything. Its a giant white pick up.

  • Heightser

    We saw bugs on bagels last Sunday at Montague Bagels. Walked out. It’s disgusting in there. We are totally bagel deprived!!!

  • nabeguy

    Aha, Lou. So it may have been an environmental activist making a statement. Or just a mental case making a fuss. Either way you slice it, sounds like somebody’s spending a bit of time in the oven…and not the kind of oven where you’re going to be asking for the pepperoni or sausage.

  • Hicks St Guy

    @Monty, a bad slice doesn’t deserve a beating, but the creep who bought Fascati’s is a pos, is not related to the old owners, despite keeping their pic on the wall, and as I mentioned, is a rude turd. how anyone patronizes them is beyond me, but then again, the same people probably eat Domino’s & McD’s.

  • Ignatius J. Reilly

    I had a terrible experience last week at Fringe, the new place on Montague street (where the old kids’ spa was). They f*cked up my hair royally. Bad haircut and bad service. Also, when I was leaving I thought I heard the girl at the front desk mutter something underneath her breath about, “the damn Swiss” (my last name is Muller, which she saw on my credit card). Kinda pricey as well. I could probably get a cheaper cut in Manhattan.

    Finally, what’s the deal with the Key Food on Atlantic/Clinton? I mean, really.

  • Heightsman

    @Hicks St Guy, those are the old man’s sons who own it now. Their mother just passed away too. I do agree the consistency is lacking but it’s still the best in the hood.

  • Burma Jones

    @ Ignatius J. Reilly, I like super cuts, granted I don’t ever get anything more than a basic haircut there but they always do a great job and the price is right.

    Key Food Atlantic has always been an atrocious dump. The stores are franchises so it has a different owner than the one on Montague.

  • Winstion Smith


    Hot Bagels has been on a downward spiral ever since the new owners took it over, a few months ago. They racked up 50 points (just short of being closed down) on their last health inspection, they are currently “Grade Pending” You et al. who had a moldy bagel/bugs incident should call it in to 311. Perhaps with sufficient pressure the’ll clean up their act.

    As for now, it is a terrible place, one should not go there.

  • EHinBH

    – I order from Fascati all the time and they have always been friendly.

    – The bagel place is AWFUL. DISCUSTING. I am in shock at how different it is from the old place, which was awsome.

    I wish we could all ban together and get Gristedes to close down. IT SUCKS SO BAD. They rip us off and offer the worst ‘fresh’ food selection I have ever seen.

  • Alana

    As I eat my bagel with eggs and Cheese from Montague Bagel, I get the pleasure of reading this thread. I almost threw up because of what was said about the bagel shop i order from everyday. Guess I will be ordering from overpriced One Way Deli from now on.

  • AmyinBH

    To the person a few weeks ago who was looking for shredding in the neighborhood if you are still looking: the UPS store has a shredding service.

    Has anyone else notice the groups of teenagers hanging around the 4/5 subway station non-booth exit at Joralemon and Court St. by Duane Reade? They are either in the station entrance/exit or they stand at the top of the steps blocking the stairs, smoking and causing problems?

  • Eddy de Lectron

    @Hicks St Guy,

    Fascati’s may be inconstant at times but even at its worst it is a decent slice and at its best it is very good; I’m talk’n traditional New York style pizza, I’m not comparing it to “Brick Oven” style which is a different (not necessarily better) category. The Sicilian style is one of the best in the city. The Italian dishes are also pretty darn good, especially for the price.
    You are of course entitled to your opinion but Fascati’s has been there 40 years and has a huge following. To say that all its fans are somehow wrong is not only obnoxious but also idiotic. BTW: I don’t eat at Mc Donald’s Domino’s or any other “fast food” restaurants.
    I have patronized Fascati’s since it opened and have never had an experience with the crew being “rude” actually, they are quite friendly to me. Perhaps it is you who is projecting an air of rudeness and they are simply throwing it back at you. After all, we reap the harvest we sow.

  • Andrew Porter

    David on Middagh clued me in on the fact that I’d been dramatized by Homer (who I finally met at the BHA meeting, putting a face to a pseudonym; met Claude Scales there, too). Too say I am speechless wouldn’t be right, but the word that comes to mind is… Bemused.

    Tres Etrangéz, to use fractured French…

  • Heightsman

    @ Andrew Porter, say more….very interesting but not surprising.

  • RamonaQ

    I love Fascati’s (except when they close in August and then the pizza is only average in September). As a youngish woman, I have felt uncomfortable in many pizza places due to the behavior and/or stares of the men behind the counter. I have never experienced that kind of behavior at Fascati’s–they have always been completely respectful. Then again, maybe I’m just getting old. :)

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    As an oldish man, I never have a problem with lascivious stares from women.

    I wish.

  • bh_dad

    Fascati’s has always been friendly to me & my kids. Sometimes their pizza is a bit uneven but it’s still the best in the neighborhood. Treat people with respect and they usually return the favor

  • redbaron

    @ Ignatius–maybe they couldn’t “stomach” the complaints about your valve?

  • Michael

    I like Supercuts too. They have been in the neighborhood a long time and offer good haircuts.

  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith

    Just enjoying the comments

  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith

    All of this aside-I am VERY CONCERNED with the radical reduction in protection in the Boro Hall station complex.
    You can walk around in the stations for HOURS late at night and not see a cop or TA person. This is true on the R plarform, The
    # 2 or 3 and the 4 and 5 platforms. I know there are exceptions,
    but the difference from a few years ago and now is very, very
    serious. We went from army personnel with select fire weapons
    to…often next to nothing. I now, Bloomberg may be installing
    everything from face and walk profine recognition. Perhaps
    terrihertz scanners to recognize weapons inside clothing..
    well NONE of that replaces human judgement. The really
    galling thing is….with all the taxes the city and state gets
    out of this neighborhood, they have the nerve to remove the
    booth under Montague and Clinton. So now what protection
    is there? Its now a great place to nail fare evaders for the city.

    So if were really so in danger from men in caves, why are they
    making “terrorism” so posssible by removing huindreds and hundreds of police and TA eyes.

    And the even more upsetting thing is, that government on many levels is in reality awash in hidden funds. Anyone with any real
    background in municipal or state finance knows about the
    CAFR’s the Certified Annual Financial reports. Google “CAFR”
    if you doubt this.,Most municipal and state corporations have
    amazing levels of hidden investments which by law only need to appear in the CAFR’s every year.

    So NYC doesnt have the money for good protection? They
    could and should have two raptors in rotation above the city
    24/7/365. In reality,They are awash in money.

    Given most of the wonderful NGO’s which actuially write
    a huge degree of foreign policy are here. No wonder
    were a target.

  • Paula

    Hi Paul

    I know a great accountant. Pete Newton.

  • Monty

    @Igantius, Gothamist is reporting that the Atlantic Ave Key Food is the 10th most heavily fined supermarket by the DCA. How Gristedes didn’t get the top spot is a mystery to me.

  • T.K. Small

    My mother lives right across the street from the Atlantic Avenue Key Food and she definitely thinks that the new management is making a big improvement.

  • Winstion Smith

    @ Jeffrey J Smith,

    “We went from army personnel with select fire weapons
    to…often next to nothing”

    I honestly feel much better NOT having solders with machine guns, roaming around. In fact, the only time I feel comfortable around a firearm is when I’m holding it.

  • http://Building Jeffrey J Smith

    Well, your feeling are understandable

    My comment refered to the degree of variance between the two
    conditions and if any ofthe graduations of scale of responses we have seen are based on reasonable grounds.

    But still, if we were under that amount of threat, why now can you
    go four HOURS in major stations and find NO police and TA workers, I know, face recognition and terrahertz remote frisk, will protect us.Let me not mention the constitutional questions.

    Nothing replaces human eyes and experianced human judgement.
    starting with a responsible indivual citizen.