Open Thread Wednesday 3/2/11

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What’s on your mind? Comment away!
Update: Our first “comment of the week” video after the jump.

This comment from last week by Andrew Porter is our first “re-enacted” comment of the week. “Actor #1″ plays “the part” of Andrew.

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  • paul

    Any recommendations for a good tax preparer/accountant in the area? our taxes are not very complex, but turbotax is proving frustrating this year and I’ve had bad experiences at H&R block and places like that.

    looking for someone who’s reasonably priced who we can go to every year. thanks in advance for any recommendations!

  • AEB

    OK, I’m here this AM to sing the praises of Cliff Sutherland, a great guy I hired to replace door knobs in my apartment, and who did a terrific job for a reasonable fee.

    He’s a Brooklynite who’s in the process of renovating his own house, and can help with, I’d imagine, every sort of household project. He took it upon himself to do door knob research for me, for which I was very grateful.

    His contact:

  • EHinBH

    I use Maiorano & Associates, which is a small family business with a couple of offices around the area (Bensonhurst, Flatbush, Forest Hills, and up in Connecticut. The one closest is on Bay 16th Street if you were up for a short drive.

  • tb

    Just took a look at a beautiful new housing development in the Heights just off Love Lane. What is up with those prices? Can someone please explain to me why they are so steep? I understand that this is Brooklyn Heights but holy crap… who is going to pay those prices for those apartments?

  • GivingTree

    For anyone looking for a good haircut, I had a great experience last week at Fringe, the new place on Montague street (where the old kids’ spa was). Really great haircut and nice service as well, at a far lower price than what I normally pay in Manhattan.

  • lifer

    That comment of the week reenactment is HILARIOUS! I love the way he puts up the “quotation marks”.

  • AEB

    ..and the guy playing Andrew in the clip was superlative.

    Too bad the clip didn’t appear in time for Academy Award–excuse me, Academy Award©–consideration.

  • Snoopy

    @ tb:

    You might be interested to read this thread re: Love Lane:

    Some good information.

  • lcd

    Those animations are so cute! Maybe Heather could do the police log that way.

  • Resident

    @tb: It gets worse when you actually do a little bit of math and see that their quoted square footages aren’t possible in reality. Take unit 2G for instance, it is listed as having a 1560 sf. interior. Now this is a simple, rectangular floor plan. Adding the lengths of the two bedrooms and the great room gives you a total apartment length of 54 ft. Adding the depth of the great room to the depth of the kitchen gives you get 25.25 ft. Simple multiplication gives you a grand total of 1363.5 sf, or only 87% of the listed square footage. I don’t see the actual price of the listed unit, but using the $1100/sf metric of a similar 2BR unit on the second floor, I’m guessing a listing price as $1,716,000. When adjusted for actual square footage, the unit would cost $1259/sf. Pretty pricey indeed…

  • Lou

    I guess no one cares about the drunk college kids who got into a fist fight with the guys from Fascati’s on Sunday night. It was crazy. You can still see the bruise under the one Fascati guys eye where he got kicked. Ask him about it.

  • tb

    @ Snoopy:
    Thanks for that. What really blows me away is the almost 4 million price tag for the first floor corner apartment with furnished basement.
    With no light to speak of and windows that invite strangers to take a good look into your home I can’t imagine who would drop that kind of cash. Yikes.
    @Resident: Thanks for the numbers!

  • north heights res

    What makes you think we don’t care, Lou? Maybe we just didn’t know? I certainly didn’t.

    Get up on the judgmental side of the bed this morning?

  • Homer Fink

    @Lou – first we’re hearing of it.


    Our very longtime roofing man, Mr. Jacob Marcus, retired a couple of years ago. He was dependable and honest as well as intrepid when it came to clambering around on our various roofs. We miss him.
    Does anyone have a suggestion for a good replacement for Marcus Roofing? By the way, his roofing business was founded by a great uncle in 1906! Quality endures.

  • Doug Biviano

    We have officially launched our “Love Your School” Directory for PTA contributions.

    Here’s the press release:

    Here’s the directory:

    Please do what you can by contributing to your neighborhood schools and helping to raise awareness of how to protect our children, our schools and our valued teachers from the 4,600 teacher layoffs proposed by Mayor Bloomberg.

  • Hicks St Guy

    @Lou, the news re: Fascati’s made my day. they are rude and their product ordinary at best, wish I were there that night.

  • T.K. Small

    For my taxes I use an accountant/lawyer on Smith Street. Her name is May C. Davy 718-935-9776. On a personal note, I got myself into a bit of a pickle with the IRS and she was successful in resolving my situation.

  • bornhere

    Lou- I just commented on the Police Blotter “page” about a fight Sunday night near Fascati (Henry/Clark area). I hope what I mentioned is the same as the Fascati “event” (I mean, how many fights need there be on a given Sunday night??). Hope all are okay.

  • Monty

    @Hicks, are you saying that anyone who serves you substandard pizza deserves a kick in the face from a college student? What’s the punishment for obnoxious blog comments?

  • Heightser

    Any co-op dwellers out there live in a smoke-free building? Ours is considering it. Just wondered what it took to go smoke-free and if it has impacted apartment sales.

  • zburch

    There are at least 5 houses that still have Xmas decorations up on my path to the gym and work. Christmas is long gone. You can take down your red bows, dried up holly wreaths, and sparkly ornaments. Its March!

  • nycdigest

    Still collecting helicopter reports at

    The collected responses are here:

    Most of the reports are from one person (me) in DUMBO. Few if any from Brooklyn Heights proper.

  • Heather Quinlan

    @lcd Not a bad idea!

  • Lou

    I submitted a tip about the fight via the contact link at the top of the blog the night it happened. Anyway, long story short, some drunk teens started yelling at one of the Fascati guys and punched his truck. This prompted the guy to get out of the truck. This lead to the teens attacking him. Luckily for the Fascati’s guy his staff and brother were right there. They were able to intercede. This of course led to even more mini-fights but things mostly calmed down. Occasionally the fighting would resume briefly and then just turn into that general post-fight milling around. The main fighting teen at one point was yelling “CHECK YOUR NOSE, BRO! I DID THAT!” To one of the combatants who had a bloody nose. Eventually the police showed up and arrested two of the teens. There are a lot more details I’m sure.

  • Beautiful Smile

    I love “the people” that work at Fascati’s. Maybe the brawl was over the fact that they weren’t opening on Monday as usual. idk.. Feel free to contact me at the # linked to my name for a great Accountant/Bookkeeper that I luckily found on Craigslist.

  • bhmom

    I have read a comment about this here before, but has anyone else noticed that Hot Bagels sometimes sells bagels that are not fresh? We picked up some the other day, and kept them in a closed bag overnight. The very next day I sent one to school with my daughter and took one to work for myself, where I noticed it tasted old and dry. That evening the remaining bagel had blue mold in several places. Just curious if anyone has had a similar experience, because the idea of my kid eating a moldy bagel really disgusts me.

  • tb

    Thanks Doug for the effort for our schools!

  • north heights res

    I gave Hot Bagels – my favorite, favorite bagel place before the sale – another shot last weekend, and I was pleased: service was good, order was correct & came quickly. Someone managerial was behind the counter supporting/working with the staff, so I am hopeful.

  • nabeguy

    Lou, what exactly is the Fascati truck? I wasn’t aware they had one…