Kevin Powell, Candidate for Congress, Eats Well at Siggy’s and Talks to NY Magazine

As MTV’s The Real World prepares to invade Downtown Brooklyn, Kevin Powell, one of the stars of the show’s groundbreaking first season is ramping up his challenge to incumbent Rep. Ed Towns for the Democratic nomination in New York’s 10th Congressional District. If you live between Atlantic Avenue to the south, Pierrepont Street to the north, Henry Street to the west and Court Street to the east Joralemon to the south, Adams to the east, Cadman Plaza East/Court Street to the west and Sands Street to the north, he is seeking to represent you. Want to know what fuels Powell? Healthy food. He eats his way through Brooklyn for New York Magazine today, including a stop at Siggy’s on Henry Street:

NY Magazine: Kevin Powell…: I was recovering from seeing Sex and the City on Friday — I liked it. I hadn’t seen a movie in six months. I went to Siggy’s in Brooklyn Heights, a vegetarian-vegan restaurant on Henry Street. They have the best breakfast. I had buckwheat pancakes with natural, organic syrup and a banana smoothie with soy milk and protein. For breakfast I usually have orange juice with apples and bananas. If I don’t have organic OJ in the house, I just drink water.

And for those of you who don’t remember The Real World’s first season:

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  • Walt Whitman’s Ghost

    The “threatening Julie with a candlestick” allegations must be dealt with before I cast a vote for Mr. Powell. In my opinion he has never sufficiently addressed this issue.

    Mr. Powell, did you or did you not threaten young, naive, aspiring dancer from the South, Julie with a candlestick?

    Also, is Heather B still rapping?

  • hoppy

    Mr. Powell is innocent. It was actually Colonel Mustard who threatened Julie with the candlestick.

  • cfb

    You should tweak your boundary definitions. As delighted as I would be with new representation in Congress, I live on Sidney Place, but I’m in Yvette Clarke’s district

  • Homer Fink

    CFB – After searching diligently, this map was the best/most detailed I could find. It defines the 10th’s boundries in yellow, or so I thought. It’s actually 10th in Pink, 11th in Yellow. Kudos on catching that.