Blue Pig Sweetens Henry Street

Although when thinking ice cream the words blue and/or pig aren’t the first or even third words that come to mind, the recently opened Blue Pig Ice Cream Shop on Henry Street may change that perception for the lucky residents of Brooklyn Heights.  Hopefully, it also may change the luck of a spot that I used to run into just to use the (semi-functioning) ATM machine, stare at the salads in plastic containers, curse the inevitably broken cash machine, and wonder, “Why?”  And yet I digress…

The Blue Pig has some of the best vanilla I’ve ever had — creamy and cozy with vanilla goodness.  The pistachio, lime ice and mint chocolate chip were a little, well, green, but tasted just fine thank-you-very-much.  Plus, don’t we actually want our mint chocolate chip hyper-green or have we really gotten that twee

The fruit flavors are fine, but definitely an afterthought to what they do best – get-your-freak-on dessert combos.  The Pig Food is chocolate ice cream with bits of cake (never bad), the caramel fudge is  — you-guessed-it.  But truly the reason to keep going back is the Cake Batter ice cream which features multi-colored sprinkles in an ice cream tasting just like the Duncan Heinz yellow cake batter you’d beg your mom let you lick off the spatula.  Hey, maybe your mom made cake from scratch – good for you, — but you were definitely missing something! 

Also wanna give a shout out to the kids who work at the Blue Pig — they’re a nice and helpful bunch, and were liberal with the tasting spoon. Sure Brooklyn Ice Cream Company is better known, but why not forgo the lines, the wedding photographers and the ice chunks I always find in their offering, and patronize a new Henry Street business. 

Blue Pig Ice Cream Shop
60 Henry Street

Coming soon : Jack the Horse Tavern

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  • Qfwfq
  • Qfwfq
  • beth

    I had to be a naysayer, but the ice cream I had there was not remarkable whatsoever, and was half-melted when they served it to me. Not to mention those plastic cone dripper-stopper thingamabobs that have been floating around the neighborhood lately…

    I would love for the businesses in that space (heck, any space on Henry!) to thrive, but I’m just not thrilled about that shop. I hope it improves.

  • Becky Gray

    January 2008 – this past summer I moved to brooklyn heights and was so excited to have the blue pig with delicious and unique homemade ice cream right around the corner. After almost daily yummy ice cream cones this summer (i admit i was obsessed) you can imagine the horror on my face when I went in there tonight and saw Dryers and Haagen Dazs in the Blue Pig freezer. The blue pig is still out front but this is definitely no longer the blue pig -it’s now a big sell out. Not only was the ice cream sub par but since it’s merged with the Busy Chef next door it’s lost the charming ambience it once had now that it spills into cheap generic cafeteria chairs and bad prepared food. Why can’t the Heights get it right?