Oscars: What’s the Over/Under?

The Academy Awards are Sunday the 27th, and seeing as we’ve lately become such a Hollywood hubbub, who better than Brooklyn Heightsers (Heightsites?) to weigh in on the nominees. So who are your faves? Will The King’s Speech clean up? Or will Black Swan plié its way to a statuette? Most importantly, what are the odds on the winners so I can make a quick buck? (For those interested, I’m betting the house on Melissa Leo, who, with her Lucky Strikes, frosted hair and high-heeled gams had that Fighter mother down.)

Oh, and here are your nominees.

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  • http://decomposingdrivein.blogspot.com Michael Sullivan

    I liked Melissa Leo too, but did you see “Animal Kingdom”? Fantastic film, and Jackie Weaver was like a force of nature.

  • Heather Quinlan

    I didn’t see it, but I do like the “force of nature” description for a film called Animal Kingdom.

  • Sam

    The presumed favorite in the Documentary category is “Exit Through the Gift Shop,” (which was fun) but I’m hoping that “Gasland” wins. There’s currently a moratorium in NY State against natural gas drilling (“fracking”) and until the issue is exhaustively explored and resolved, I pray it stays that way. Both Bloomberg and Cuomo seem to understand the risks.

    For those who have property in Upstate NY and for those who are unaware of the issue, watch the trailer for “Gasland.” There was a story in yesterdays NY Times about this. Apparently “fracking” in rural parts of Pennsylvania have cause pollution in the formerly pristine Delaware River. It’s already caused problems for drinking water in PA.


    NY Times article: (if you go to the Times site and search for “fracking” a veritable library of stories are provided)


  • Andrew Porter

    Shaun Tan was Artist Guest of Honor at the World Science Fiction Convention in Melbourne, Australia last September, and he is a brilliant artist. Really nice to see that his film won in the Short Animated Film category. He’s a brilliant artist, and truly original.