Open Thread Wednesday 2/16/11

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Flickr photo by Premshree Pillai

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  • Teddy

    Does anyone on Joralemon Street near Hicks or Henry have FiOS?

  • epc

    Just a reminder: am trying to crowdsource a log of helicopter complaints at . With the lousy weather there hadn’t been many helicopter flights but I’ve noticed the number of choppers increasing as the weather improves.

  • cat

    To the owner of a silver, sporty SUV parked on State St. this morning:

    My husband was getting ready to move our car on State St. bet. Clinton and Sidney this morning around 7 a.m., and he saw a Haddad Production truck badly sideswipe the passenger side of a silver, sporty SUV, knocking off the rear view mirror. The truck pulled over, and dh thought the driver was going to leave a note, but he didn’t. When dh walked by after moving our car (far away from State St.), the silver car was gone. He suspected that the owner probably got in on the driver’s side and didn’t even see the scrape right away. I hope the owner sees this and can contact the production company.

  • Heightser

    Has anyone used Greenlight Expediting before?

  • bklyn20

    6:00 am today, and it’s helihell again. From constant buzz (as in “bumbumbumbumbum”) to insistent loud noise (as in “thWACKa thWACKa”) and then back to “bum…” for more than 30 minutes this morning.

    There are worse problems to have, and I know helicopters are needed for emergencies, but it stinks to lose your last half hour of much-needed sleep like this.

  • DrewB

    I guess they are filming on Hicks St. today near Joralemon. They have a bunch of crew removing ice from the sidewalk and throwing fresh dirt around the trees. Must not be winter in the movie.

  • Homer Fink

    If you get a pic, send it to us folks!

  • harumph

    On Colonie in the NYT’s – can’t wait to try this place:

  • DrewB

    What a funny world… I just was taking some pics of the shoot out my window (will email them in), and the director looked awfully familiar. Sure enough, my cousin Douglas McGrath is directing the picture. I went down to say hi, and he asked me to “apologize to everyone for the hassle”.

  • harumph

    ugh. just saw this was reviewed on the blog yesterday – clearly I wasn’t in town and missed all of yesterdays blogging – sorry folks!

  • CowboyNBrooklyn

    Yeah Drew they took off the mirror on my car with their truck. The driver was nice enough to leave a note with his number. When I called, he immediately admitted fault and we traded information. The movie company is insured by the state of California. We’ll see how effective a bankrupt state is at paying insurance claims.

  • Alanna

    Got to see SJP filming with little kids near Subway on Montague last night! At least I think it was SJP?

  • Homer Fink

    @drewb – you’re becoming the center of the universe!

  • DrewB

    Got some pics for you, where do i send them?

  • brooklynite

    Did anyone else see the cleaning service advertisements stapled to the trees along Henry St? Is this legal? I tried to remove some, but the staples were hard to get at.

  • David on Middagh

    @brooklynite: Technically, I don’t think it’s kosher to put posters on trees OR lampposts, but it’s the tree defacers that really get my goat. I took down one of those posters yesterday, but couldn’t pry out the staples.

    No, I don’t think anybody should be posting on the trees unless someone local is wanted dead or alive.

    I actually depend on the lamppost posters to lead me to stoop sales…

  • Michelle Thaler

    @Brooklynite and @David on Middagh; on the topic of posting on trees and lamposts; I am now trying to advertise my new summer camp and am doing a lot of walking in the hood, trying to find message boards on which it would be legal to post. I would imagine that nearly every drugstore, supermarket and even coffee places would have one, but guess what: they don’t. Even the local playgrounds don’t have a boards. I really dont understand why, is it unsightly? The only one I found was by Pickles and Peas on Pineapple Walk.

  • David on Middagh

    @Michael Thaler: I wish there were more message boards. Yes, they do become unsightly unless the store (or the users) actively remove older messages and pry out the staples.

    If you have any kind of media budget, you might place an ad in the local papers and *ahem* blogs. Craigslist, of course, is free.

  • cat

    @Cowboy, were you parked on State or were there two incidents of sideswiping this morning? I’m glad the driver left a note for you– just wondering if that was the incident my husband witnessed.

  • BG

    @ Michelle Thaler, Key Food on Montague has one conveniently placed where you can’t read it, immediately to the left upon entering.

  • CowboyNBrooklyn

    @CAT – yes one of those cars is mine. If your husband has any pertinent details he would like to add to the record, he can feel free to e-mail the account listed blow. It is good to know that someone witnessed the incident. Thanks!


  • grr

    @Michelle – What about the Starbucks on Montague? Also, if you go to Pierrepont playground or Harry Chapin, you will see that there are some informal postings of flyers in plastic covers tied to the railings.

    What kind of camp is it going to be, anyway?

  • GivingTree

    We have a few items of used high quality furniture, in good condition, that we’d like to donate to a charity that is willing to do pick-up. We contacted Housing Works and they aren’t willing to retrieve the items until early March. Since we’d like to get rid of them sooner rather than later, we are looking for other suggestions. Ideas?

  • David on Middagh

    @GivingTree: I recently received a call from the Salvation Army soliciting donations for pick-up. Perhaps they’ll have a truck free sooner than HW? The number is 1-800-728-7825.

  • north heights res

    Just when you thought the fun was over, folks, the same movie shoot is going to be taking up a big chunk of the neighborhood for another three days: signs are up on Cranberry and Henry for Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Excellent.

  • GivingTree

    Thanks David. Unfortunately, Salvation Army isn’t free before early March either. Who knew it was so difficult to give stuff away!

  • Teresa

    GivingTree: I know of a charity at Belmont Park that could probably use the stuff, and might even be able to pick it up. Please e-mail me (click on my name, which will take you to my site and my e-mail address) with details and I can give you more info.

  • Michelle Thaler

    @grr – the park department does not allow flyers in the park and may fine me ..
    it is a culinary camp for kids 6 to 12 years old. it is called food art for kids, to be held at the church of the assumption this summer.
    i am not sure i am allowed to share this info on this board. if not – please remove this post.

  • EHinBH

    @michellethaler: Go to Cobble Hill Park on Clinton — they have a huge message board and it’s filled with parents and kids.

  • David on Middagh

    And if memory serves, there’s a laundromat with a message board on the East side of Henry St., not too far from Cobble Hill Park.

    Also, I’m sorry Michelle, but I called you “Michael” up above.