Siggy’s Faces Public Hearing to Maintain Sidewalk Seating

Siggy’s Good Food [76 Henry Street] shut down last week due to “unexpected reasons“.   Over the weekend, a sign was posted at the eatery explaining that a NYC Department of Consumer Affairs public hearing will be held this Wednesday (2/16), 2pm at 66 John Street 11th floor as they ask for a two year permit to continue their unenclosed sidewalk seating.

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  • my2cents

    I think their outdoor seating is a cheerful and welcome addition to the Henry St. streetscape and I hope they get to keep it!

  • AEB

    If they’re indeed reopening, why does the place look so dismantled inside? I don;t think the permit notice has anything to do with whatever is now occurring….

  • sbk

    The outside seating is great and seems to be enjoyed by patrons. I do wish they would do away with that bron toilet used as a planter. Very poor taste.

  • EHinBH

    I cant think of anyone that would object to their outdoor seating. I wish they would take over the taxi stand….

  • David on Middagh

    Hey, if the patrons don’t mind my walking through the tables on the sidewalk, I don’t mind their eating there!

  • George Earl

    All well and good, but I hope this restaurant’s owners realize that they are fully responsible, should customers be part of accidents stemming from cars or trucks slamming onto the sidewalk where tables are placed. But then, the smarter diners will recognize the chance they are taking. At least I do.

  • Luke C

    @George Earl
    No worries about getting hit there, no vehicle is going to make it through the double-parked rows of Heights Limos!

    @sbk – agree about the toilet. I’m all for recycling and repurposing but it really doesn’t make for good advertising decor.

    I really enjoy Siggy’s and appreciate the extra seating, especially if it ensures their financial success and continued presence.

  • nabeguy

    Luke C, that toilet is the extra extra seating.

  • my2cents

    I think the toilet belongs to the Heights Limo guys, no?

  • nabeguy

    my2, you’re probably right. I think they call it a Molotov window box.

  • BH

    So what happened? Anyone know?

  • dcbklyn

    I am not a huge fan of the owner of Siggy’s. That being said..I don’t get the lure of sitting on a dirty side walk while dogs do number 1 & 2 in front of you while you eat a 10 buck burger,

    Yes I know the dog stuff is organic like the burger..but really is that a pleasant dining experience?

  • Arch Stanton

    @ BH, It looks like it passed. I just walked by and there are a lot of tables and chairs set up outside.