Medical Offices Will Transform into Montreal Bagels

The former medical offices at Clinton St. and Atlantic Ave. will apparently soon be home to “Montreal-style” bagels. What is a Montreal-style bagel? Sacre bleu! Find out after the jump.

It’s not some kind of bagel-croissant hybrid, but instead, according to Wikipedia:

[T]he Montreal bagel is smaller, sweeter and denser, with a larger hole, and is always baked in a wood-fired oven … the difference in texture and taste reflect the style of the particular area in Eastern Europe in which the immigrant bakers learned their trade.

No word yet on when the bagels will be landing; the note on the door said the place will also offer hot meals, organic food and the “Best American, European and Asian recipes, including open-fire cuisine.”

Thanks to @ejcory for the tip!

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  • David on Middagh

    Google Maps shows the distance as 4/10 of a mile, a nine-minute walk. That is nine city blocks worth, not what I would call “4 blocks away”. From a pedestrian’s point of view, I don’t see Mile End competing with this place at all. And I do see Atlantic Avenue as a further barrier between them. (You can walk a block or two in the time it takes the light to change.) I’ll bet the folks at Mile End will be cheering them on.

  • Monty

    I would also add the Montreal’s idea of selling Jewish food was not original either.

  • lifer

    Your not seeing my point, I never mentioned anything about competition. Lets try this one last time. Mile’s end takes a risk and sets up something that hasn’t been done in the city, they succeed past theirs and everyone’s expectations. This new place takes the idea of the Montreal style bagels and opens up close by,(do you really think the new place didn’t realize they were opening up near Mile’s End, and that by being close to a place that sells out and is overcrowded because of their success that it would affect their business to their advantage? Really?). Whatever Mile’s End thinks or anyone else, I am just saying its not the coolest thing in MY opinion.

  • Billy Reno

    Either way, it’ll be a welcome addition here in SoJo.

  • David on Middagh

    I just like arguing on teh Internet.

  • David on Middagh

    Wait, is Billy Reno trying to tell us something?

  • Andrew Porter

    Boy, that David on Middagh is argumentative. Betcha he’s getting cabin fever like the rest of us.

  • Andrew Porter

    Forgot to mention that the new bagel place is right next door to “Two for The Pot”, which has lots of great coffees and teas and all sorts of interesting snack stuff from the UK. I get my Twiglets and my McVities Ginger Nuts there.

  • Moshe Feder

    I don’t think these new guys will succeed on the strength of Montreal bagels alone. Lots of New Yorkers don’t like them because — at least in Montreal — they’re flat-tasting, lacking salt in the dough.

    Surely the key to Mile End’s success is the Montreal Smoked Meat and that, so far as we know, this new joint won’t be offering.

    As a longtime frequent visitor to the Heights, I join the rest of you in wishing it had a great store for New York bagels!

  • whorolemon straight

    Montague Street Bagels sucks ever since the new owners took over. It looks like a basement apartment with a cash register. Terrible. And the bagels, once delicious, are now firm and tough. I also despise the unfriendly staff. Court Street Bagels is much better.