Open Thread Wednesday 2/2/11

What’s on your mind? Comment away!
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  • Claude Scales

    Oh, this is number one, and I’m doin’ it just for fun…

  • Andrew Porter

    Sign of the times: the area that sold 99 cent candy in Key Food is no more, likely a victim of food inflation. All those candies were removed, and candies costing far more are now in their place.

  • Readin’, writin’ & no ‘rithmetic

    I guess either the police or the PS 29 school PTA can’t count (or which newspaper is incorrect?)-PS 29 PTA reports either $5500 or $100k theft from PTA

  • redbaron

    I’ve seen the old threads about the best cup of joe in the neighborhood, but would like suggestions for something slightly different–a place in BH or Cobble Hill where I could hang out for a nice afternoon catching up with a very old friend whom I haven’t seen in years. Tazza is the only thing that’s really coming to mind but I was hoping for something cozier. Any ideas?

  • x

    Iris Cafe (look it up on google) in BH will offer that cozy environment.

  • john henry

    Iris is on Columbia Place between Joralemon Street and the beginning of State Street.

  • ABC

    The TImes reports the 100k amount is made up (and who knows how the woman spent the money… please).

  • jcro

    why so much honking on clark and hicks today?? why???????

  • bklyn20

    There was a fire in a house on the southern end of Willow Place this morning, with the sirens starting about 8:45 am. Does anyone know additional details?

    The traffic in the South (south?) Heights was terrible, with firetrucks and ambulances wailing while standing in place. Maybe this trouble moved up to Clark and made things worse.

  • Hicks St Guy

    had dinner in Bread & Butter on Sunday night, actually very, very good, I am not a part owner or anything, and I suggested that they make the place a Bistro or Brasserie or something French which the nabe desperately needs. the waitress from France was awesome.

  • the Where

    Bread and Butter – all day bistro with free wi-fi instead of the constipated notion that is currently is.

  • Clark Street Resident

    Bread & Butter use to be a french bistro (Le Petit Marche). I believe they switched over to American cuisine (read: Buttermilk Channel) a year or so ago due to lack of biz with the old place.

  • AEB

    Correct, Resident. And if BH doesn’t support this worthy place, it’s going to turn into a Fashion Optical before we know it….

  • north heights res

    Anyone ever been to Dr. Holman on Pierrepont St.? Any opinions?

  • hickonhicks

    Just a friendly reminder to everyone to get that salt out after this freezing rain… I’ve bit it twice coming around the corner from Cranberry onto Hicks (yeah, I know, I should have been prepared the second time!) :) Thanks! Have as a good a day as the weather permits!

  • Hicks St Guy

    @Resident, yes it was, but was a bit over-priced. a more reasonably priced (food & wine) bistro would be the ticket here.
    the chef is talented.

  • weegee

    The fire was on the 3rd floor of 36 Willow Pl. It was knocked down relatively quickly, but got an all-hands response, which is a lot of apparatus (12 or so) for narrow streets.

  • Claude Scales

    weegee: when you say it was knocked down, I trust you mean the fire was extinguished, not the building was demolished.

  • AEB

    The last time some firemen “knocked down” a fire in my apartment, Claude–which occurred many moons ago–the damage done was 50-50, blaze and them.

    Which is not to say I don’t remember them in my prayers every night.

  • Teddy

    If you take the B63, below is a link to real-time info on the locations of every B63 bus along the route. It’s part of a pilot program that will eventually include electronic real-time arrival displays at each stop (fingers crossed on that one).

  • bklyn20

    Thanks, weegee. Also thanks to Teddy re: the B63, one of the few buses I take on a regular basis.

  • bklyn

    I can not believe that they actually opened NYC public schools today. The walk to school was so treacherous. My son slipped twice and I almost slipped trying to lift him off the ground.

  • nabeguy

    Apropos of absolutely nothing, I just diiscovered one of the reasons that New York City’s financial state is so bad. I went to pay a parking ticket, and the instructions on the envelope say to write the 10 digit ticket number in the spaces provided on the envelope…of which there are only 9. Thats the city government in a nutshell…always one number short.

  • weegee

    On today’s episode of “Pardon My Jargon,” yes, the “knocked down” refers to the fire, not the structure.

    As with any structural fire, the damage done by FD can sometimes be the lesser of two evils. The primary task of the ladder company is to vent the building, which means taking out windows and opening the roof. Without this, the fire and smoke condition inside is a hundred times worse for interior crews—and potentially trapped victims—and risks a room getting dramatically charged with heat, which can cause a “flashover” phenomenon. Fire also tends to get into voids and run up the walls, such that what presents itself as a small fire could actually be spreading. The advent of thermal imaging cameras as standard equipment has made it easier to determine if this is going on without opening the walls, but it’s still a taught practice. When a fire appears to be out, you want to be sure that’s really the case before you take up.

    My fire science professor once told of an outdoor trash fire against the wall of a commercial building. It seemed like a one-dimensional operation, however the fire was heating one of those metal studs that ran from the facade, through the thickness of the wall, into the interior. Before they knew it, stock being stored on the INSIDE of the wall had caught fire.

  • john henry

    36 Willow Place is still standing. There seems to be some blacked windows on the 3rd floor front, but no obvious damage, even if you are looking for it.

  • Hicks St Guy

    @bklyn, close for the whole day just for a little ice in the early morning? closed schools are a hardship for many working

  • Bongo

    Anyone know anymore about the new bar/restaurant on Pineapple?

  • EHinBH

    @Bongo: There is a new restaurant on Pineapple Street?

  • Bongo

    @EHinBH: Not yet but the work orders indicate that there’s going to be on the ground floor of the space next to the new building. 73? Pineapple.

  • Monty

    @bkln, I’m sure the previous snow days was a factor. How many can they have before they have to extend the school year?