Capote House, on Market Since May, Gets a Haircut

The Real Deal reports that the asking price for 70 Willow Street, which hit the market in May for a potentially record setting $18 million, has been slashed to $15.9 million. If sold at that “bargain” price it would still hold the record for highest amount paid for a single residence in Brooklyn.

The yellow townhouse is best known as the former residence of Truman Capote. The home was also hosted on of the Brooklyn Heights Association’s centennial events in 2010.

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  • AEB

    I was waiting fir this. Thanks!

  • Rider

    Finally it is within my price range … I hope Capote’s ghost is still living there so he and I can have a midnight chat every once in a while

  • nabeguy

    A haircut? At that price, you’d probably have to get a lobotomy for it to seem reasonable.

  • Eddy de Lectron

    So you don’t think its worth paying double to be able to brag “Truman Capote lived here”

  • T.K. Small

    Assuming I had $15.9 million, I would buy nabeguy’s house and put the rest in my pocket!

  • nabeguy

    Eddy, you’ve got the equation in reverse. The cachet of living in that house is that Truman Capote bragged there.

  • dean collins

    it comes with offstreet parking which makes it nice….. but without a garage – overpriced (and yes i’m sure the landmark nazi’s wouldn’t allow a side garage regardless of how subtle)

    Wake me up when it gets to about 11m but until then it will be sitting there.

    The oplace down on Montague terrace for $12m is a far more interesting residence.

  • nabeguy

    Is that oplace as in Oprah place? That might explain the price