Say Goodbye to BYOB at Ozu

With the new year came a new liquor license for Ozu Japanese Cuisine at 78 Clark Street. The license brings an end to their previous BYOB policy. Ozu now as a fully stocked bar, complete with wine, beer, cocktails, and sake. The staff noted that the main reason they wanted to obtain the license was to serve sake, a frequently requested Japanese rice-based alcohol.

Question to Brooklyn Heights-ers: Are there any BYOB restaurants left in the neighborhood?

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  • Josh G

    This place is awesome.. great sushi (I strongly recommend the Magic roll) and the staff is very friendly.

  • Matthew Parker

    Tuff Cafe remains BYOB. The Missues and I also bring our own wine glasses since they tend to run out.

    Got to say, IMHO, Ozu is so weak. Went there the first month it opened and had one of the worst experiences I’ve had in a long time eating in a restaurant.

  • ED

    I enjoyed the food here, but i especially liked the fact that it was byob. Sadly, I may not ever frequent the establishment again now that it is no longer byob.

  • David on Middagh

    @Matthew Parker: I’m glad you bring up Tutt Cafe. Is it just me, or is there nothing bad there? I think it may be one of the most underrated informal dining experiences in the Heights.

  • George Earl

    I am one of Ozo’s most faithful customers, however one item I do not recommend is their roast duck. Oh so greasy, and quite tiny. Best deal is their boxed luncheon special. If you order their green tea ice cream (an extra charge), be sure to tell them that you do not want whipped creme decorating the top. Unlike Japan (and yes, I’ve lived there), they overdo this and ruin that green tea yum-yum.

  • Heightser

    Ozu is amazing! The food and service are great. They are also very interested in being part of our neighborhood. They have happily donated platters of sushi to PS8 fundraising events and have encouraged the PTA to continue to ask whenever it is needed. Great food and community minded! Please support them.

  • David on Middagh

    @cfras: Have the intestinal fortitude to call out the poster you disapprove of, instead of smearing us all with a “you people”.

    Gutless bastard.

  • Drew

    Ozu is great and the owner/employees are some of the most friendly in our neighborhood. I hope their restaurant is, and continues, to do well.

  • nabeguy

    DOM and MP, totally agreed about Tutt. While I haven’t sampled every item on the menu, I can’t say that I’ve ever had a bad meal there. They have a lentil soup that should be bronzed and put in the Smithsonian as a national treasure. And their price to serving ratios are true recession-busters. $7 bucks will get you quite full.

  • Anna

    Ozu is great…I always want to tell the people lined up at Iron Chef House to walk down the street. Better food, half the price.

  • Paul

    There is nothing better than bringing a bottle of nice red wine to Ozu. 5 rolls, some Miso, and I am set.

    Why am I going to pay $28 for bottle of Yellow Tail now?!

    Call me cheap but I am also NOT a sucker.

  • Josh G

    Was just at Ozu.. the bar looks great. And they’re having a 2-for-1 special! Support your local friendly awesome sushi place!