Mr. Junkersfeld Gets Existential

Just as the Nazarene appeared on Christmas Day, Mr. Junkersfeld returns with a new film. Watch it after the jump.

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  • MartinLBrooklyn

    This is a most touching and original Christmas greeting. I’m a dedicated atheist. But, I like it because it is completely natural with regular people having a civilized and even enlightening discussion. Of course, Christopher Hitchens would have been much tougher on the good Priest. But then Hitchens doesn’t live in the neighborhood. Which seems to be the point: this is a man who has lived amongst us for years and has joyfully spread his message of good will, faith and charity. What’s not to like!?

  • lori

    Welcome back, Karl!

  • nabeguy

    And welcome back Father Mike. Great vid, KJ.

  • AEB

    Yay, Karl!