Is Fred Claus, Starring Brooklyn Heights Resident Paul Giamatti, a Holiday Classic?

With a plethora of cable networks available, the traditional holiday movie choice has moved beyond just It’s a Wonderful Life. Jean Shepherd’s classic A Christmas Story was the first flick to get the wall-to-wall marathon treatment on cable; Scrooged and Elf followed. Now Fred Claus, starring Vince Vaughn, Kevin Spacey and Brooklyn Heights resident Paul Giamatti, seems to be vying for perennial status. Do you think it’s worthy?

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  • joe

    Not worthy at all.

  • AEB

    No. My Xmas heart belongs to;

  • Johny

    I love Giamatti, but this film looks like a dude

  • AEB

    If it looks like a dude, and quacks like a dude–it’s a dude.

  • nabeguy

    No argument with you AEB on the Sim’s version of Christmas Carol. Been watching that since I was a kid and can even recite the lines. ” A ha’penny extra, sir” “No more bread”

  • tb

    If I ever see him on the street Im going to ask him which project was more fufilling.. John Adams or Fred Claus

  • tb

    And I promise I won’t mention the creepy “Shrunken-Man-Elf”

  • AEB

    nabe: “…Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?”

  • David on Middagh

    AEB, a friend of mine uses that line when accosted on Montague Street by fresh-faced college students soliciting for children’s charities.

  • nabeguy

    DoM, that’s hilarious. Personally, my favorite line was “you might be nothing more than a bit of underdone potato”. Dickens was truly a master of the written language, but Sim’s was equal to him in his ability to give it voice. And don’t get me started on Fred’s maid…my first love.

  • Hicks Up

    You guys are old.

  • AEB

    Sorry, Hicks Up, not to be as young as you presumably are. I know, that’s a real failing.

    I’ll try to do better–to be more like you.

  • GHB

    Hicks Up, you don’t have to be old. Try picking up a book

  • Andrew Porter

    Hey, DoM, that was no friend, that was me!

    I have also printed up new copies of my Ben Scrooge and Jake Marley, Investment Bankers (Scrooge & Marley PLC) business cards.

    A fevered mind, a computer and a laser printer are the devil’s workshop…

  • David on Middagh

    GHB, that’s harsh. I think Hicks Up is just trying to sniff out someone who will buy him or her some beer.

  • Andrew Porter

    My comment was quite immoderate, I’m thinking.

  • Ron

    Mr. Giamatti is a very good actor, but this movie is insipid.