Law and Order Takes a Holiday

Reading the 84 Precinct Police Blotter in today’s Brooklyn Eagle, it’s not hard to think we’re in the middle of another mini crime wave in Brooklyn Heights.

The topline: a hold up on Hicks and Joralemon, car theft on Pierrepont, petty thefts at Thai Kitchen and La Traviata, burglary on Remsen Street, and a gang of thieves attacked a woman on State Street. Read the gory details here.

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  • nabeguy

    The restaurant thefts were probably by the same person, given that they were on the same day, the same block and an hour apart. As for the stolen car, where exactly is the northeast corner of Pierrepont and Clark? No broken glass sounds like an insurance scam to me.

  • Teddy

    That attack on State St. is alarming.