Open Thread Wednesday 12/8/10

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  • north heights res

    Just an a.m. shout-out to Lassen & Hennigs, where I had an amazing customer service experience with the incredibly helpful Susan. Suggestions, friendliness, even a discount! Thank you, thank you.

  • Awesome Mother F*cker

    Anyone know why the public garbage cans in Willowtown keep disappearing???

    About 2-3 months ago shiny new green garbage cans appeared on the north and south corners of Columbia Place and Joralemon. Another on the corner of Willow and Joralemon.

    All are gone.

    I noticed that the one by the River Deli was at first moved away from the front of restaurant near the laudromat and then halfway down Joralemon near one of the residential buildings front door. Presumably since the restaurant uses that street corner as the waiting area for their diners.

    Consequently, the lone can on the corner of Joralemon and Hicks is overflowing with trash on a daily basis.

    This is the third time I can remember in as many years that garbage cans appear on the street corners and then disappear quickly.

    What gives?

  • AEB

    Awesome, I’d blame it on the school crossing guard, who operates at Hicks and Middagh. She loves to move garbage cans around–or at least did.

    Actually, she’s been pretty scarce recently–maybe she’s transported herself to a new location, or been transported, one can hope.

    (Sorry not to have been of help–but couldn’t resist.)

  • Peter

    I really enjoy this blog, but why is the content management software system so choppy? Whenever I visit this site, its slow to scroll, and many times links don’t work … just wondering. Thanks!

  • what I heard

    …is the cans were not being picked up often enough, especially since some people were putting household garbage in them, and local residents and River Deli asked their elected officials to get the cans taken away.

  • David on Middagh

    AEB, I saw our x-ing guard yesterday. The bouts of mad whistling seem to have decreased, though, for which I’m sure we’re all grateful.

  • AEB

    Drat, David! During her absence, I was remarkably happy to see–and hear–that her replacement managed to get kids safely into the school with virtually no whistling at all! Can you imagine?! No need–how shall I put this?–to DEMONSTRATE authority….

  • bklyn20

    I though I read (maybe on this blog) that city can pickups had been decreased to 2x/week from 3x/week? This could be the cause of the garbage pile-up. I wonder who the local citizens ordering can removal were, since the local association to the best of my knowledge had nothing to do with it. I have, however, seen people coming out of their cars and placing their trash on top of a mountainous canful of garbage, for which I should have berated them, but… at the time I lacked the intestinal fortitude.

    Until the recent cold snap, I thought that visitors to BBP had been putting garbage in the Willowtown cans (there are few or no cans at the Joralemon entrance/exit of BBP.) Presumably the foot traffic has decreased since the weather changed. How about that ice rink now?

  • Kelly

    Speaking of Willowtown.

    Has anyone noticed those 2 red mo-peds that are consistently parking with no regard for cars around them down in Willowtown (Specifically on Joralemon Street between BBP and Hicks)?

    I applaud the concept of a mo-ped, but with parking becoming more difficult for those of us who, by necessity, must drive to work every day and park on the street, it is frustrating to come home and find those 2 mo-peds taking up full parking spaces or in the alternative, getting to my car in the morning and realizing that I have a car parked on my back bumper and those mo-peds literally parked on my front bumper, making it impossible to get out of the spot.

    There are plenty of locations in the area where those 2 mo-peds could park and not obstruct parking in anyway, and yet, they choose to disregard this. A minor irritation in the grand scheme of life I realize, yet an irritation none the less.

  • north heights res

    Has anyone tried the DUMBO restaurant that used to be Five Front? Need a neighborhood place for a birthday dinner this weekend, and Five Front was always a standby (at least until it was sold). Any thoughts on the new place?

  • Jorale-man

    I’ve noticed that the garbage can at Joralemon & Clinton is frequently spilling over, especially on weekends. Pretty sure that’s a new development. The other day I saw a disheveled woman walk by, see it was full, and throw a potato chip wrapper on the ground in the tree planter. I gave her a dirty look but she seemed oblivious to the fact that she did something wrong. Really unfortunate this must happen in our otherwise clean neighborhood.

  • Jane

    Does anyone have a good cleaning man/lady to recommend? Not live-in, just to come every 2 weeks or so. Please tell!

  • Bette

    What’s the deal with the chimes in Brooklyn Heights? I suppose they emanate from the Borough Hall, or the Courthouse – or maybe a local church – but I cannot figure out what they’re chiming. Most of the time, it’s the hour – ok, got it – but sometimes I listen and it’s 3:00 and they chime 3 times, and then 7 more times, or 4 times, or 8 times – sort of random ringing. Lovely, but I’m stymied.

  • Jen


    I tried that place right after it changed hands — it’s now called Brooklyn Bridge Gardens. The menu is pretty limited and the food was totally mediocre. I liked it way better when it was Five Front.

  • north heights res

    Thanks, Jen. Check that one off the list.

  • Clarky

    Actually Jen and North Heights Res, the place is no longer Brooklyn Bridge Gardens. It’s now Pub One. Not sure if it’s still the same owners but it opened up in this new incarnation sometime in the past couple of months. My boyfriend tried delivery from them and it was pretty good. More of a burger/gastropub kind of menu now.

  • Heightsman

    I hope Pub One makes it. Winters can be brutal for business. Just looked at the menu and it has promise. It would be a nice addition to the hood.

  • Monty

    @David, they are clearly using WordPress, the question is probably the hosting environment. They said they did a switch recently and it seems to me that it’s much, much faster.

  • Bornhere

    Is anyone else having Time Warner problems (picture/audio freezing, breaking up, etc), especially in the morning, especially on MSNBC? If I don’t get a good dose of Mike Barnicle before I leave for work, my day is just not what it should be…..

  • Alanna

    Done done DONE with Time Warner – are we wired for FIOS yet!?

  • Homer Fink

    @monty – correct. if anyone is having problems now, I’d suggest upgrading browser etc.. it ain’t us!

  • S.O.S.

    @ north heights res:

    I recommend Pete’s Downtown @ 2 Water St. Very good food & they have 2 dining rooms & 1 private party room they may let you use.

    @ Bornhere:

    Yes, same problem here, especially Channel 7 in early evenings, making it nearly impossible to enjoy Jeopardy, with the picture freezing & audio breaking up at key times. I called Time Warner, & they claimed they’ve had no other complaints about such issues.

  • Y

    Time Warner freezing: They say its not an issue with the freezing? I have it on all channels frequently. First thought it was my OLD box, but then a friend of mine in Queens with a NEW box has the same issue.

  • william

    Brooklyn Bridge Park meeting tonight 12/09 at 6 PM at St. Francis College on Remsen Street.

    This is supposed to be the final public hearing on the subject of Housing inside the park.

    Last chance to give your opinion.

  • mlo

    Time Warner Freezing: I’ve had the same problem and when I called last week they told me they were unaware of anyone else in the area experiencing this problem. nice

    I’m interested in FIOS but I do like NY1 alot

  • PJL

    FIOS is great–no freezing; always used to have that problem with TWC… got over NY1 and don’t miss TWC’s “service” at all….

  • PJL

    Went to see an apartment in Concord Village… what are people’s general impressions?

    Seems well-kept and very family oriented….

  • lois

    apts in concord village are great, service good, etc. The only problem I hear about Concord Village is its location

  • bornhere

    I just got home, and having navigated a day without Barnicle, I may have to navigate the night without Chris Matthews. I called TWC (only a 2-minute wait!!), and the guy said no one else has complained. So. If anyone has the energy to call about the freezing/lost audio and video, PLEASE call. I was offered an appointment, but I suggested that the problem was greater than just my home. They may do nothing at all, or they may agree that something is wrong in the system.

  • BronxKid

    My latest Time Warner problem is hard to describe. But I’ll try. I’ll be watching TV and all of a sudden the sound goes, as if a ham transmission is interfering with the sound. The channel then jumps to a public access station, channel 34. When I try to get back to my original viewing channel, I find that I am only able to view a few stations,mostly public access. This has happened about 3 times in the past few weeks. Anyone else have this bizarre stuff happen?