Brooklyn Bridge Park Restaurant Announced

The NY Post reports today on a new restaurant planned for Brooklyn Bridge Park. In other park related news, tonight a public hearing will be held regarding alternatives to housing in the park. :

NY Post: City officials overseeing the Brooklyn Bridge Park project began soliciting bids from developers today interested in running a full-service restaurant that serves booze on Pier 6, at the edge of Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn Heights.

The restaurant, which is expected to open in Fall 2011, will include a 2,000-square-foot indoor section, an adjacent outdoor terrace and a rooftop seating area that overlooks Manhattan.

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  • http://deleted buddy11210

    What no report about the huge crowd of residents who came out on a rainy night to say NO TO PARK HOUSING at the committee on alternatives to housing? Only the people who get paid by this park – the Conservancy, a consultant and two “residents” – one of them the biggest slum lord in Williamsburg – came out in favor of housing inside our public park. Yey for the community and for our democracy. But will the imperious Mayor listen and get rid of the housing? Wait and see…..

  • Josh G

    I don’t get it – why is everyone so up in arms about housing in the park? That housing is funding the park – so let their maintenance fees that they (not you) pay build the park that you can enjoy for free. Last I checked I didn’t see a special section in Pier 1 for park residents only.

  • bklyn20

    Josh just put “Brooklyn Bridge Park” into the search box on this blog,and you’ll have many of the arguments laid out for you. I would lay some out now, but I have to get to work tomorrow.

    One thing: by the way, though, the (maintenance) PILOTs, i.e., Payments In Lieu Of Taxes/fees the condo resdents pay are usually less than regular property taxes would be. Because PILOTS go into the park, they cannot go into schools, police, sinkhole repair,etc. Thus the “regular people” not in the park condos ARE paying in decreased services for their neighborhood. Certainly we need to look at creative ways to help fund parks, but housing inside the park is NOT the way to do it.