Bus Ruckus on Clark Street

BHB reader “SM” wrote to us:

Homer: There is something going on on the corner of Clark and Hicks. . . . I don’t know what, but lots of firemen mulling about . . .

BHB Newshound/Superphotographer Marc Hermann has the answer:

This was a charter bus that ended up getting its rear tire stuck in a ConEd vault. There was apparently a slight violent reaction on the part of the manhole upon impact. FDNY utilized Rescue Co. 2 to lift the bus out of its predicament, and turned the scene over to ConEd crews who were working in the vicinity.

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  • Amy

    Thank goodness that is all it was! The sound it made was horrible and there was lots of screaming so I was imagining the worst. I knew BHB would tell us what was going on!