Doug’s Deli?

BHB photo by C. Scales
High winds a few days ago blew the temporary canvas sign for the deli at the corner of Montague and Hicks away, uncovering Doug Biviano’s campaign headquarters sign, which remained underneath.

Update: The deli has a new, permanent sign (see photo after the jump).

BHB photo by C. Scales

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  • AEB

    The DO sell ham, don’t they?

  • Doug Biviano

    No Ham. I’m making a beef:

    … about our failing District 13 schools that is.

  • Reggie

    Does the Campaign Finance Board know about this? At the risk of sounding like Doug, in New York State it probably isn’t even against the rules to have a campaign-run delicatessen. “A portion of every sale goes towards the campaign of Doug Biviano.”

  • anon

    Perhaps it is a sign of the apocalypse–has Biviano filed his required campaign finance reports?

  • anon

    No, I was wrong. Biviano has STILL not filed his required reports. It is almost 3 months late. Perhaps there should be a countdown clock to mark the number of days late:

  • Doug Biviano

    Scroll down and click the “Get List” button. My disclosure reports are all there. There’s nothing to hide.

    To be sure, we got 26.4% of the vote with a fraction of what the incumbent spent (especially when you include her franking privilege) and with mostly myself on the ground and administratively. I didn’t have a Chief of Staff and the rest of a public office’s staff at every school and subway, doing all the paperwork and disclosures, etc. Go to Board of Elections to see Millman’s ballot petitions and look at the witness names to get an idea how your tax dollars are hard at work keeping incumbents in power. It’s very telling. Only Pedro Espada lost out of the 100ish NYS seats up for reelection in NYC districts because he crossed the establishment and got the full wrath of the machine working against him (the allegations of his corruption were only marginal in his defeat).

    In fact, I worked a full time job the entire campaign, taking only the last two days off for the primary, working every weekend over the summer. My consultant Gary Tilzer volunteered most of his time and did one hell of job. Thank you Gary. You have done a lot over the decades to help reform NYC politics (a book could and should be written). We did better than challengers who raised and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    But the most important thing we did, was to focus of what’s really going on in Albany, especially with the budget. We were a lonely voice. Notice how just a couple of weeks after the general election the truth starts trickling out? As predicted and well documented on my blog and Gary’s ( ), this coming year, NYC is facing $3 billion in budget cuts and NYS $9 billion. And a few voters are hung up with my disclosures being a few weeks late?

    Friends and neighbors, our system of government was predicated on an educated, informed and engaged electorate. What’s failing us more than our elected officials right now — from local through federal — is an electorate standing on the sidelines. As citizens, we need to step up to the plate, shape the debate and our priorities. Whether it’s D13 schools or $12 billion budget holes in NYC and NYS or the endless wars hamstringing our local budgets and infrastructure, we need to get real and get involved.

    Now I may not have been a perfect candidate and I don’t mean to sound pompous. I made my share of mistakes. But I tried. I tried to make a difference. Now I ask all of you to try. Engage. Write letters. Make phone calls. Call for town hall meetings. Contribute to your local public schools, clinics, kitchens, shelters and libraries as the shortfalls hit. Even protest when the time comes. We are not through this fiscal crisis yet. Not even close. It’s up to you.