Well Hello ‘Dere

BHB Photo Club pic by Twofones

BHB Photo Club pic by twofones via Flickr

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  • CJP

    Nice picture and worthy of a little context. This guy (on huge stilts!) was part of a promotion to call attention to the new Microsoft store on Montague.

    And I got wondering about Microsoft’s strategy. Why open a store that seems to be pushing digital photography when you’re a giant software company? Why do it in this neighborhood (I welcome the business and the diversity and all, but aren’t there more logical places to set this up than the end of Montague?) Is this a permanent addition to the neighborhood or will Microsoft be gone as quickly as they arrived? (And don’t get me wrong. Thrilled to have a storefront filled and thrilled to have something that’s not a cellphone store on Montage…)

    I also got wondering about the store switcheroo. Blue Rose was there. They moved quickly next door. Why couldn’t Microsoft have taken the middle space? Was it bigger/smaller than they needed? Or did Blue Rose get a better rent deal next door.

    And finally while I’m asking about neighborhood storefronts let me ask about some other long vacation spots. What’s up with the old Bolton’s and the audio place next door. Has that been vacant for 2 or more years or does it just seem that way? Koros looks like it’ll be open in a week or so, making the promised “Open in April!” Finally what’s up with Vital Dent, who’s coming into 72 Clark, what’s going into the old Thai place on Henry and how close is the nail place on Montague to being done?

    Oh and I like the Happy Days renovation. Maybe next they can renovate the menu.

  • uh

    What’s the deal with the Ben&Jerry’s on Atlantic? It’s been closed for, what, 3 years? Seems to be renovation, but never any progress.