Marty’s Kontempt for Kid Kontinues

The New York Times has gotten wind that a change is a comin’ to the Fightin’ 25th State Senate District. In today’s edition they cover the Democratic nomination battle between Daniel “Kid” Sqaudron and incumbent State Senator Martin “Marty” Connor.  Marty, in typical campaign fashion, gets in a cheap jab against Squadron:

NY Times: Democratic Grudge Match..: The early signs are that Mr. Connor will be in for another battle this year. For one thing, Mr. Squadron, 28, is defying the pattern of waiting until the summer to begin the heavy-duty campaigning. By his account he has already knocked on thousands of doors in both the Manhattan and Brooklyn parts of the district. And he has raised more than $200,000 for the race.

Mr. Connor said that it is not yet time to campaign vigorously. “It’s early and I’m not campaigning yet,” he said. “I’m spending most of my time up in Albany doing my job. Apparently, he doesn’t have to work. He’s been campaigning since January and February. It’s wonderful being rich.”

Well at least Marty didn’t critique Squardon’s acting.

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  • nabeguy

    Geez, Connor worked as a General Counsel for Xerox and claims to be something other than rich. Hmmm, were they paying him in photocopies?

  • nicky215

    bye bye marty

  • Hunter

    Bring back the Kid!