Finally! A Cafe with Wi-Fi!

These days, cafes with free internet access in the Brooklyn Heights area are hard to find. Iris stopped offering it, and Tazza still doesn’t. Well web-browsing latte drinkers, you’re in luck. Archway Cafe at the Pearl Street Triangle posted signage claiming to offer food, coffee, AND Wi-Fi!

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  • Sal

    Connecticut Muffin on Montague has it- that’s much closer to home than Archway Cafe.

  • David on Middagh

    Connecticut Muffin is the homiest café on the block.

  • Hts Star

    Since July 1st, Starbucks is now offering free, one-click, unlimited Wi-Fi to all of its company-owned stores in the United States. That means Wi-Fi at Starbucks is now:

    * Free – no Starbucks Card required
    * One-Click – no user name or password needed
    * Unlimited – no 2-hour restriction

    Plus I enjoy a Starbucks latte with all those double shots of espresso while reading the BHB

  • Lou

    Anyone know why Tazza doesn’t offer WiFi? You’d think it would make it a more appealing place to be. Especially during the day. Although, honestly I don’t really care for the ambiance at either Starbucks or Tazza. I wish there was a more eclectic place to get coffee nearby…

  • Teddy


    Perhaps they’re worried that they would become too appealing if they offered Wi-Fi. Case in point, a few weeks ago I passed the Starbucks on Court St. and noticed an attractive woman sitting by the window using her laptop. I passed almost 3 hours later and she was still there. Actually now that I think about it, I think you can’t use a laptop at all at Tazza. In a society where a lot of young people (under 40) are more interested in displays than faces, it’s nice to have a place where you’re “forced” to socialize face to face.