Shake Shack Confirmed for Fulton Mall

Shake Shack

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The New York Observer confirms today that the uber-trendy Shake Shack will be coming to the Fulton Mall.  Tabloid reports last week claimed it was a done deal, but Shack’s flack issued a non-denial denial.  Now that it’s reality, does this mean the rise of tony shops for the strip and the death of tube sock merchants?  Only time will tell.

Brooklyn Beep Markowitz and Shack owner Danny Meyer held a press conference to announce the deal this afternoon.  Photo and press release after the jump.

Photo by Kathryn Kirk In photo (left to right): Rob Walsh, commissioner, New York City Department of Small Business Services; Danny Meyer, CEO, Union Square Hospitality Group; David Swinghamer, CEO, Shake Shack; BP Markowitz; Randy Garutti, COO, Shake Shack; Joe Chan, president, Downtown Brooklyn Partnership

Press Release: On Tuesday, November 9Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz joined restaurateur Danny Meyer, New York City Department of Small Business Services Commissioner Rob Walsh and Downtown Brooklyn Partnership President Joe Chan to announce that Shake Shake is coming to Fulton Mall in Downtown Brooklyn. Also representing Shake Shack were CEO David Swinghamer and COO Randy Garutti (full press release below).

“Bravo to Shake Shack for finally hitting the big time in Brooklyn, further solidifying our status as one of America’s premier culinary destinations,” said BP Markowitz. “After years of pitching Danny Meyer, I am thrilled he is bringing his legendary burgers, flat-top dogs and frozen custard to Downtown Brooklyn, right in the heart of our new 24/7 live-work city center and its diverse retail, new hotels and expanding arts and cultural corridor. Soon, you will be able to walk the “beefed up” Fulton Mall and get a ShackBurger, do some shopping and finish off with a cheesecake from Junior’s—plus everything in between.

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  • ABC

    Yeah, Danny Meyer and Co. and Marty Markowitz had a press conference at lunchtime on the steps of Borough Hall.

  • Monty

    It’s not directly on the Fulton Mall, but I visited Brooklyn Fare on Schermerhorn St this weekend and was pretty impressed. On Saturday around noon, there were at least 25 people lined up at the sandwich counter although surprisingly few were grocery shopping. There is, in fact, demand for good food in that neighborhood.

  • drewb

    Seems like a really silly location for a shake shack. Why not Pier 1 or Pier 6? I don’t see how a fast paced lunch crowd that normally only supports White Castle, wendy’s and other fast food chains is going to embrace waiting in line for 30 minutes for an $8 hamburger….

  • ae

    @ drewb: the competition is not the other places on Fulton- it’s the places on Montague, Smith, Court, and Metrotech. It’s no more expensive than Au Bon Pain, Hale & Hearty, Chipotle, etc. all of which have huge lines every day. A million courthouses and all their employees & the vast majority of lawyer offices in the borough are within 2 blocks of that location. Pier 1 would only make sense on weekends. There are PLENTY of people who would happily pay $8 for a burger. The 30 minute wait may be another story.

  • rob

    why there ? Open a place in Cobble hill. We’re drowning in Thai food and could use a good place to go for a burger

  • John Sean

    Just what the Court Street area needs , but time a high-end Checkers for the folks with the money… Ah well, should be fun to read about the handbag snatches that will invariably materialize in the location….

  • Teddy

    I had my first Shack burger last month at their UES location. I’ve had better burgers. Wake me when Apple opens a store on Fulton Street.

  • nabeguy

    A rather odd betwixt and between location. Given all the reports that pop up on the blotter regarding the FM, I hope this doesn’t prove to be chum in shark-infesed waters.

  • my2cents

    I am a HUGE Shake Shack fan, but can i just say it is f-ing ridiculous that the Beep has to have a press conference over the opening of a burger stand! Seems sort of crass. I mean where was he at the opening of Five Guys? I hope at this location they can actually build in enough burgermaking capacity that the lines won’t be as long as other locations. I don’t like how the SS has began to integrate their infamous line into their marketing (“worth the wait” etc.). The line is not something to be proud of. Frankly I work near Madison Sq. park and I rarely go because I can’t stand waiting so long. If there was no line, I’d go like weekly at least.

  • Jorale-man

    There’s something slightly smug about the upscale burger trend. It’s basically saying: ‘here’s something high-end in contrast to the cheap McDonald’s stuff that the rabble on Fulton St. normally eat.’

    In reality, it may cooked or seasoned a little better but it’s still terrible for your arteries and probably comes from the same cows you get at White Castle. I don’t mean to sound like a spoil sport – it’s just worth keeping things in a little perspective.

  • C.

    When is it supposed to open?

  • ABC

    so we can file this in the “Man, You Guys Complain about Absolutely Everything” file, right?

  • Arch Stanton

    I guess Danny Meyer came to the same conclusion the Mc Donald brothers came to; there is much more profit in selling junk on an endless line than in the uber-overhead fine dining market…

  • Remsen

    At first glance, it does seem like an odd location, but I actually think this is a pretty good location…on the edge of the Fulton Mall, so not really in some sketchy downtown location. The clients are all the court workers and competition is not White Castle, but more Chipolte which has huge lines at lunch. The prices are higher and the lines may be longer…but I think that Chipotle prices are about the same and 5-guys is not that much lower. People stand in their lines in other locations, so would expect the same for this location… All in all, great addition.

  • Reggie

    I think what people are forgetting when they question the location is the plaza that is going to be constructed on what used to be Willoughby Street. Meyer gets a free, planted outdoor seating area, maintained by the MetroTech BID.

    While I am here, can I take a gratuitous swipe at the departing Tony’s, where the food was tasty and the staff surly? I can? Okay, consider it done.

  • Mickey

    I worked in Union Square in the late 80s when Zeckendorf Towers were being built and the first high-end stores started opening on the park. It really transformed the neighborhood. With the building of The Oro and the renovation of the BellTel building, this could be the start of a similar transformation for Downtown Brooklyn. The thing is: if we push out the tube sock vendors, where will they go? To Montague? And where will we buy our tube socks if they disappear altogether?

  • Remsen

    One can buy tube socks from the endless stream of street fairs in Manhattan…

  • Billy Reno

    Hopefully the lines will be as short as those at TKTS at Metrotech.

    Oh, and we need another crappy eatery to occupy the Gage & Tollner space. Ruby Tuesday’s, are you listening?!