It’s a Dog’s Life on the Promenade


"Frisket" via epc's Flickr photostream

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  • Matthew Parker

    And at the end of the Promenade is a dog owner (and doggie) paradise: Hillside Dog Park–the largest official dog park in Brooklyn.

    Providing dog owners and their dogs with offleash recreational opportunites has benefited all New Yorkers with a historical low rate of dog-related incidents (according the recent Health Dept. statistics). Brooklyn Heights has some of the best behaved dogs in the City, and it’s no accident or secret why. Responsible dog owners who take advantage of dog parks help make sure their dogs (espcially the young ones) learn good social skills with humans and other dogs.

    It’s fun to watch the dogs play. Hillside is one of the most attended parks in the area and has created a wonderful community of dog owners and non-dog owners who just like to watch dogs frolick, who get to know each other as neighbors in a lovely park setting.