Nabe Resident Seeks Biblo Books Folks

After our story about Jack Biblo's bookstore at 48 Hicks Street, we received this email from Bob who is looking for two of the store's employees.  

In late 2002 – early 2003 I sold a number of books to Frances Biblo at her Hicks Street storefront, via a couple [Al and Gail] who were working with her at the time, who also lived in Brooklyn. He came to my apartment and evaluated the books, she was only in the shop, but put me in contact with a friend of hers who wanted to buy my elk antlers.

When I told her about my William Burroughs collection, she said I should contact her if I ever wanted to sell it, because she wanted to surprise her husband with it (he'd expressed interest in it when he saw it, but I wasn't prepared to part with it at that time). I just (stupidly, ofcourse) assumed the bookshop would always be there and I could find them again if I wanted. Then when I Googled Frances Biblo, I found she'd died almost two years ago! So now I'm hoping that you were associated with her, or the bookshop, or this couple who were working with her some years ago, and could pass on to me information as to reaching her. Please respond, even if it's to say youhave no idea who I'm trying to find.

Are you Al or Gail? Know them? Let us know. And sorry, Al, for blowing the surprise. 

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