Micheline Gingras, Brooklyn Heights Artist, Shows Work on Long Island

Brooklyn Heights resident/ artist Micheline Gingras is part of a new art exhibit in Riverhead:

Riverhead Patch: Four artists showcased their works at the opening of ‘Other Worlds,’ an exhibition at Art Sites which conveyed their interperetation of the rationality – or irrationality – of our world, and the existance of other worlds within the one in which we live.

Micheline Gingras, born in Quebec City and now of Brooklyn Heights, uses pages from The New York Times and with tempura paint transforms popular images: ads for movies, TV shows, pictures of soldiers, houses. Gingras imposes long beaks emerging downward from all the male figures, and duck-like bills from females. While surreal, she notes their distinct purpose is rooted in an all-too-real economic climate many people have become harshly familiar with.

“It all started with the economic crash two years ago,” Gingras said. “Suddenly I was very attentive to all the manifestations of the economy, and seeing something more in ads. We had been told so many lies. I thought of Pinocchio, the nose growing long. Then the long beaks became the phallic for the male and the smaller beaks or duckbills of the female—and children—well, they were sitting ducks.”

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