Homer Talks to Controversial Ex-Tribune Exec

Thursday morning I interviewed former Tribune Co.  Chief Innovation Officer Lee Abrams, who left the company two weeks ago in a cloud of controversy.  He talked about the memo, deemed inappropriate by Tribune brass, that led to his resignation.

Thanks to Rob Barnett and Gary Krantz at My Damn Channel who were gracious enough to let me guest host the first installment of their RAMP Video series.  The program is an extention of their daily radio news service Radio and Music industry Pros written by my old pal Kevin Carter along with Keith Berman. They’ve broken down the hour long interview with Abrams into bite size clips and all of them can be viewed at the RAMP hub at My Damn Channel.

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  • ABC

    I had the misfortune of working with both Lee Abrams and Randy Michaels in my radio days. I am relieved to think their days — and their idea of a “creative atmosphere” — are over.

    These guys make my skin crawl.

  • ABC

    And I really don’t mean to put Lee in the same category with Randy. I’ve seen Randy do things that he should be put in jail for. Lee was not that bad. Altho I don’t think he gets it.