Open Thread Wednesday 10/27/10

Flickr photo by Crown Heights North

What’s on your mind?  Let it out!
And congrats to last week’s OTW contest  winnerbklyn20 —  who will receive a Cortland Fruit Basket from Manhattan Fruitier  for penning the winning “fruit haiku”:

Placid pumpkins sit
on genteel stoops awaiting

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  • nabeguy

    amk, check out Eamon Dorrans’ on Montague as well.

  • Claude Scales

    I wonder if Milton is the same man I used to see on the west end of the Clark Street platform holding a red electric guitar.

  • nabeguy

    No, Claude. “Jimi” as I used to call him, was at the east end of the station. I always wondered whether he actually could play the thing until the day I heard him strumming it. Jimi, he was not.

  • Claude Scales

    I heard him play a couple of times (he must have varied his location, as I always saw him at the end of the station nearest the East River) and agree,he was no Jimi; not even a Johnny Rotten.

  • Sebastian Flyte

    My dog was attacked by a pit bull a while ago at the dog run here in Brooklyn Heights, which is why we stopped going.

    Pit bulls were bred for a long, long time to be aggressive. It’s going to take a long time to “de-program” them into being what they once never were: pets.

    Personally, I think they are declasse….the Hummers of the dog world.

  • Claude Scales

    Years ago, when I took the waters at the much lamented Lion’s Head in the Village, one of the regulars there was a Post reporter named Charlie. I asked him what his beat was, and he said he liked to do dog stories. “Nothing like a dog story to boost interest and circulation.”

    I’m seeing what he said was true.

  • bkny

    Could there be a a correlation between robberies and vandalism in the neighborhood and the heavy traffic from pier 6?

  • DVP

    That Fresh Cafe bar @ Clark station is actually not bad at all, I had a Chicken crepe from there the other day ,it was delicious.

  • pankymom

    1. Maltese are a lunch crepe for any sensible carnivore and they are obnoxious too. Keep them away from anything that might bite (like a real dog), or kick (like me).
    2. Prying anything out of even the nicest pit bull is impossible.
    3. I am sick of all dogs in the city. period.

  • tb

    Mouse dropping under the paper tablecloths at Eamon Dorans…blech

  • BigDave

    Maltese and pit bull
    embark on confrontation —
    owner leash lesson?

  • Matthew Parker


    I think it’s a stretch to pin any crime uptick on the new park. The poor economy, very high unemployment for young people, profound social disruption due to entire industries disppearing are more likely the cause.

    There used to be a much higher crime rate in Brooklyn Heights, but no park back then to blame it on.

  • Michael

    Mrs Fink – I have had a number of pants hemmed at Lungs Dry Cleaning – on Henry near Orange – and have been pleased with the results.

  • T.K. Small

    @Michael – Next time I get a respiratory infection I will go there as well!

  • nabeguy

    Lung’s hemmings are well hung, although I can’t say if their lemmings are well lunged.

  • my2cents

    Has anyone read the article in last week’s New Yorker about Leaf Blowers in California? I had to chuckle to myself because I feel like if Brooklyn Heights had lawns, the BHB would have a lot of leafblower (pro vs. anti) threads. hahah

  • Homer Fink

    @my2cents – funny you should mention, but we received a reader email about that recently!

  • abc

    I’ve noticed A LOT of little baggies (the kind they use for weed) recently on Joralemon St. Never used to see them before.

  • T.K. Small

    I especially hate it when a collection of wheelchair accessible leaf blowers are parked in bicycle lanes so that their owners can attend dogfights in the basements of churches.

  • wendy the good little witch

    1. Parking is a mess because there are no more garages/parking lots, which is because of the real-estate boom since they’ve all been turned into high-rises, so figure it in with the appreciation value of your condo and get over it or move to another neighborhood that isn’t so gentrified yet. You’ll find a lot more street parking available in Brownsville and Crown Heights. 2. Dogfights are apparently more important here than the homeless, but pit bulls do get a bad rap and the maltese probably deserved to be eaten, if only for being provokingly stupid-looking. 2 1/2. The increase in crime isn’t because of the economy; do you really think the guy who stole your ipod is going home to feed his family with the proceeeds? Get real. Crime goes up when policing goes down, the Heights didn’t have a park to blame in the 70’s but it did in fact have an indifferent police force well-trained in inertia. So call Mayor Mike and see if he’s still busy fudging crime statistics or whether he can come to the phone now to listen to you bitch.