Open Thread Wednesday 10/20/10

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What’s on your mind? Comment away!

This week, we’re adding a giveaway to Open Thread Wednesday! Woo hoo!! Details after the jump.

The folks at Manhattan Fruitier makers of the best fruit baskets in all the land are offering a super-fantasic Cortland Fruit Basket to one lucky BHB reader.

There are two ways to enter — post an original fruit themed  haiku below in the comments below (you must provide a valid email address to qualify) or Tweet it to @bkheightsblog  with hashtag #bhbcfb.  We’ll choose one winner at random.  The decision of the judges is final.

Good luck!

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  • cute-not so much

    So, how about that bike lane issue?

  • my2cents

    LOL! That actually did make me laugh. :)

  • Homer Fink

    Couple of things —
    First, maybe the guys from Great Wall have something to say about the bike lane issue.

    Second, we’re moving to a new hosting solution soon and that will hopefully put an end to the bugs, glitches and issues we’ve had over the last few months. Thanks for you patience.

  • Karen


  • north heights res

    Was walking south on Henry, crossing Montague at 7:10 today. Watched as a city sanitation truck approached the red light (heading west on Montague), slowed down, stopped in the crosswalk in which I was attempting to cross the street, looked both ways, and blithely proceeded through the red light.

    If I recall, that was the intersection at which a woman was killed by a sanitation truck a couple of years ago.

  • AEB

    Great news, Homer–thanks!

  • Montagueresident

    Does anyone have any good ideas concerning how to control strollers in stores–especially grocery stores? I was trying to navigate the narrow aisles of the god-awful Key Food the other day and constantly ran into a man pushing a double wide down the aisles while talking on a cell phone! He was oblivious to the fact he was totally interferring with people’s ability to shop. I raised two children and never blocked and aisle in any store!! It appears to be a generational thing.This problem is second only to the garbage trucks that block streets in the morning when you are trying to drive to work. Often they can pull over to the side of the street but that would be too thoughtful I assume.

  • Y

    Does anyone know what the protest was about yesterday morning? I heard people yelling and cheering out my window but I don’t have a view of Cadman Plaza. I assume that’s where they were.

  • BigDave

    Hearing autumn birds
    chirp hello to morning dew
    on pumpkin smiling!

  • Monty

    Montagueresident, when it comes to irritating strollers or unleashed dogs, the root cause is always an inconsiderate adult human. You would have to deal with them the same way you deal with bad drivers, stingy tippers and people who take 20 minutes at the ATM. The only solution I’ve come up with is to have patience and then complain in blog comments.

  • John

    some of these bikers are way out of control ! not stopping at red lights, going the wrong way in the bike lanes, speeding into people crossing the street. I would like to see the city crack down on them for a change.

  • Clark Street Resident

    Loud kids from the dorms
    Keep me up through out the night
    Will throw fruit at them

  • william

    I am visiting family in Va, and enjoying a Krispy Kreme – Pumpkin Spice Cake Doughnut. Yum, yum.

    Too bad Mayor Mike decided to ban them in NYC because of the Trans-fat.

    Pumpkin donuts are the best. Another Fall treat to enjoy. Sometimes Dunkin Donuts have pumpkin donuts, but nothing is better than Krispy Kreme.

  • Andrew

    cars parked in bike lane
    anger cyclists and neighbors
    may be pelted with fruit

  • EHinBH

    Re: Cadman Demonstration. I look out on the park but was unable to hear what they were screaming — it was all in spanish. There were more people gathered in the park than I have ever seen before — bus after bus kept dropping off protestors. I didnt mind the speeches so much, but the constant banging on the drums was a bit much.

    If I only would have known that Cadman Plaza Park was Brooklyn’s Speaker’s Corner…

  • Andrew

    Oops, that wasn’t actually a haiku. It should read:

    cars parked in bike lane
    anger cyclists and neighbors
    may be struck by fruit

  • BigDave

    Disgruntled bloggers
    writing heirloom tomatoes —
    so many colors!

  • anon

    @north heights res:The person killed on December 13, 2006 by a garbage truck on the corner of Montague St and Henry St was Professor Sara Robbins, a long time librarian at Brooklyn Law School. Here is the NY Times article:

    and her Brooklyn Law School memorial page:

    Also, @loscalzo–you’re forgiven in advance for using the term “asshat” in your other post. Just recognize that sometimes the aggravation may not be from the other person/people but from lack of sleep. From those of us who were new parents once, we all understand. You’ll soon move to being aggravated to something else until your baby daughter sleeps (and you) peacefully through the night. Until then, breathe deeply, look at your child and be happy :)

  • anon

    Here’s info on yesterday’s Cadman Plaza protest:

  • GHB

    Anybody hear anything about that sinkhole at the Clark Street entrance to the Promenade? It’s been 4 months already!

  • bklyn20

    If pumpkins count as fruit, a haiku:

    Placid pumpkins sit
    on genteel stoops awaiting

  • Mallory

    Does anybody know why that one staircase leading from the platform is sealed off in the High Street station? It was probably done for some boring reason, but could it possibly lead to some defunct exit that used to take you out onto a pre-Cadman Plaza Fulton Street?

  • lcd

    Wacky candidates
    Lovely fruits and gourds distract
    Don’t forget to vote!

  • MartinLBrooklyn

    Our councilperson Steve Levin got a little ink recently with his ‘brave’ position about movie-makers using up parking space. Unfortunately, Levin’s time and effort on this was misguided. He should be going after the law enforcement permit abusers who, day after day, clog our narrow streets by illegal parking. Let’s get real. Movies come here only once in a while. And, they are generating work. But law officers use our streets like a commuter’s parking lot. Monroe Place and Pierrepont in front of the church are constantly parked up illegally. This impedes traffic flow, blocks tradesmen, prevents delivery trucks for making deliveries and are a serious safety hazard should a fire or ambulance call come along.
    This is a long time, persistent, annoying and dangerous condition. Our Councilperson would be well-advised to go after this apparently tough problem instead of seemingly show-boating against the movie makers.

  • nabeguy

    Mallory, that exit used to be open back in the day. Can’t say why it was closed, but it never led to anything other than the mezzanine level.

  • TAP

    Can we use Disqus as our comment stream provider? Makes for more ‘like/dislike’ of comments and travels with us from one blog to the next!

  • Homer Fink

    @tap – we’re considering Disqus, it’s a great tool.

  • O2C

    rain may turn to snow
    but I remain warm and full
    eating pumpkin pie

  • ilovebrooklyn

    Disqus is terrible. I have used it and there were major privacy issues. Plus it’s hard to follow the threads because the comments are not chronological.

  • Clark Street Resident #2

    In response to Clark Street Resident:

    Rude, cranky people
    Yell at kids because they’re old
    Send to mental home?