What are your favorite horror flicks?

I was just reminded of The Sentinel, that spooky ’70s horror flick where Cristina Raines rents an apartment on the Promenade that turns out to be the gates to hell. (But the rents were reasonable.) The film also had a cavalcade of all-stars: Chris Sarandon, Christopher Walken, Jerry Orbach, Eli Wallach, Sylvia Miles, Beverly D’Angelo, Burgess Meredith and Ava Gardner. Where else would you see a group like this aside from That’s Entertainment!? (Or maybe The Gong Show.)

So seeing as there’s only 10 more shopping days till Halloween and I want to get my freak on (yeah, you read right), I want to know—what are your favorite horror films? If I hear any good ones I may head over to the Union Square B&N and pick some up. I’ll start off with a few: The Changeling, Black Christmas, Evil Dead and that darling of horror films, The Exorcist.

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  • Heather Quinlan

    Oh, and Don’t Look Now.

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    My favorite is Bloodeaters a/k/a Toxic Zombies a/k/a Forest of Fear, for the simple reason that I’m in it.

  • Ari

    Saw I

    Seeing it for the first time, best ending ever. Never ‘saw’ it coming :)

  • AEB

    Any of and by David Lynch. Though I have a special fondness for “The House of Wax,” and early 3D “shocker” that sent me to bed, guarded by relatives, for a good three years.

    There’s also:


  • Monty

    Don’t Look Now was quite creepy. The original Texas Chainsaw Massacre is also a classic. Rosemary’s Baby was great if you enjoy thrillers about apartment buildings with nosy neighbors. Certainly hits close to home for many of us.

  • JM

    The Black Cat with Lugosi/Karloff and an INSANE set design AND devil worship and some scary-bad acting…perfect).

  • Arch Stanton

    Alien, Night of the Living Dead and Eraser Head, come to mind…

  • Heather Quinlan

    Ruth Gordon in Rosemary’s Baby is my fashion muse.

    Also does anyone remember a really wacky totally scary film with Chuck Connors called Tourist Trap? Used to be one of those films shown on Channel 9 on weekends. That and Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark. (Which was a TV movie, but it counts.) Both scared the bejesus out of me, and probably would to this day. If I allowed myself to watch them.

  • bornhere

    “When a Stranger Calls Back.” Piece of fluff, nothing sophisticated, totally a “movie” vs a “film”; but it it doesn’t inspire sheetrocking those earthy, exposed-brick walls of yours, you’re twice the person I am.
    And, then there’s always “Sssss.” (I may “have left off an ‘s’ for savings….”)

  • lcd

    OK, this really dates me, but “Night of the Hunter” with Robert Mitchum as a creepy pedophile (?) preacher. I still get nightmares.

  • GHB

    Cat People from 1942. Nothing graphic, but it’ll keep you on the edge of your seat. Very unsettling!

  • bornhere

    lcd — What a great movie, and until I saw it (rather recently), I thought Mitchum could not have been any more malevolent than he was in “Cape Fear.” Surprise on me.

  • nabeguy

    One of the corniest 50’s moves made…The Crawling Eye. When that guys hand gets cut off. oh man, too much for an 8-year old to process. The other one…Carnival of Souls. Enjoy

  • T.K. Small

    @Bornhere: I thought I was only person that knew about that movie. Incidentally, there are seven “s’es” in the title. I was looking for it on video as a gift for a kid who was completely obsessed with snakes.

    As for my favorite horror movie “Attack of the Killer Bicycle Lane”. Very disturbing…

  • Kim G

    More of a thriller but “Eyes of Laura Mars” with Fay Dunaway. The one that messed me up for a while was “Ed Gein”

  • AEB

    Nearly forgot: “Eyes Without a Face”:


  • Reggie

    I’ve been trying to find “Red, White & Blue,” which was released earlier this month and appears to be playing nowhere.


  • JoT

    @Reggie, Red White & Blue is available on IFC On Demand on the, er, On Demand channel if you have Time Warner.

    Also: Evil Dead/Evil Dead 2 are classics and scare the hell out of me no matter how many times I watch them (even as I simultaneously laugh), Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive, High Tension (directed by Alexander Aja, he of The Hills Have Eyes re-make and the gloriously cheesy, bloody Piranha 3-D), Maniac! (released in 1980, the low production value, creepy star Joe Spinnelli and grubby NYC setting…oh my god, it had me sleeping with the lights on the night I saw it)…I could go on and on. Love me some horror films.

  • Heather Quinlan

    @AEB Eyes Without a Face was so difficult to sit through! I was sweating. Yet – costumes by Givenchy!

  • heightsdiho

    “The Abominable Dr. Phibes!” Camp heaven!

  • AEB

    Ah, Heather: those Frenchies….

  • RF

    The original “Frankenstein,” “Bride of Frankenstein” with Elsa Lanchester, and “Dracula” with Bela Lugosi. And Jeff Goldblum was brilliant in “The Fly.”

  • nabeguy

    And let’s not forget “The Exorcist”. That movie gave me hemorrhoids just waiting in line.

  • http://selfabsorbedboomer.blogspot.com Claude Scales

    One of the cleverest horror movies was one which I never saw, but read about in the late 1950s. It was called “The Tingler”, and concerned a parasite that burrowed under skin, lodged itself near the base of the spine, and grew into a lobster-like creature. The symptoms of being infested with this thing were (1) an occasional tingling sensation in the lower back and (2) the inability to scream. Theaters showing it installed electrodes in randomly selected seats and, while the movie was showing, delivered mild shocks to the people sitting in them, with predictable results.

  • T.K. Small

    @nabeguy – This is a completely true story. When I saw the “Exorcist”, I was about 15 years old and in the hospital recovering from a surgery. Additionally, I had some sort of cold/virus. The lights were dim and my roommates and I were enjoying being scared. Just a few seconds after her head spins completely around and vomits on the priest, I got similarly sick and puked everywhere. The two other kids in the room were more ambulatory than me and ran from the room screaming! Very funny indeed.

  • nabeguy

    Great story T.K. Of course, you had the advantage of eating hospital food…Linda Blair had to rely on Campbell’s pea soup.
    Claude, that was a William Castle classic. An electric pulse up your ass seems a lot more interactive than the 3-D of today.

  • AEB

    …and a lot more fun.

  • nabeguy

    AEB, you’re incorrigible.

  • AEB

    …my life-objective….

  • nabeguy

    What, to be incorrigible or to be in corrigible?