Open Thread Wednesday 10/13/10

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What’s on your mind?  Comment away!

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  • Gianluca

    I had a great time at Palo Cortado tonight for the opening of this new tapas bar with great food and ambiance. Go try it and ask for Sandro. Great personality!

  • Gianluca

    The place is located on Court Street in Carrol Gardens next block to le petite marche’

  • AEB

    Manifooki display update! (I know you’ve all missed my posts on this vital issue.)

    1. The flat planter things outside the space have been filled with big bushes of…looks like baby mums, if such things exist. Yellow. Rather nice, actually.

    2. The business’ name and a black city-skyline design have been applied to the interior of the windows.

    3. Buddhas, candlesticks, chessboard, gardening books: all gone.

    Clearly a work in progress, but we seem to be moving toward the light….

  • TV Watcher

    I”m captivated by the live feed of watching the Chilean miners get rescued. My Spanish is a little rusty, and the accent is a little difficult, but I think I heard one of them make a request for “Great Wall.”

  • AEB

    TV, I heard the very same thing!

  • lori

    Homer – how’s the newly expanded family? Concord Village is having its annual “Children’s Tag Sale” of books, toys, equipment, etc. this Saturday at 225 Adams Street.

  • Reverend Manny

    Hey! Just ran across your blog recently. I’m also from bk but tend to over-focus on politics.

    Paladino is on my mind today. Between the Gulags for Welfare Recipients and the anti-homophobia, I’m really kind of worried about his economic plans. I know nobody likes Patterson, but he did keep our state from shutting down. I feel like Cuomo is at least a decent manager. Paladino on the other hand is going to absolutely plunder our state treasury.

    Oh and here’s another brooklyn blogger (BCM) with her take on Paladino

  • tb

    Can anyone recommend a great electrician/handyman to hang a new ceiling fan in our prewar apartment? We need someone pretty quickly.
    Thank you in advance for your help!

  • Eddy de Lectron

    Paladino, is there really an issue with that clown? The man is a nutcase and so is anyone who would vote for him.

  • north heights res

    The really best Open Thread Wednesdays are the ones full of thinly veiled advertisements written by people pretending to be disinterested parties.

  • GHB

    Anyone know someone who is good at hooking up DVD players and the like? Thanks!

  • Anon

    Hooking up DVD players? For the 15 mins that’d take if you had all the cables needed, I’d do it for Great Wall take out. If it meant picking up stuff at J&R, it’d cost you Grimaldi’s to go.

    It’s really not that hard (at least if you’re not color blind). Just match up the best quality connections that your TV and DVD player shares and use those cables. The order from best to worst for most DVD players will be component (the blue, red, green colored cables) + digital audio (either optical which is really small square plug, or a single RCA connector), s-video (the single cable with a bunch of pins), or a composite cable (the single yellow cable, possibly attached to a red and white pair for stereo audio). If you don’t have digital audio input for component, you can use the red and white stereo audio cables.

  • Homer Fink

    @north heights res i don’t know what you mean but I just read this piece on Cobble Hill Blog and thought it was awesome:

  • may

    I too have been glued to the TV watching the rescue efforts for the miners. There isn’t a dry eye at my house!!!

  • north heights res

    Love that, Homer. And what is most excellent is that our friend Gianluca above commented there, too, about his friend’s new spot. How wonderful of BHB to offer free advertising. ;)

  • Eddy de Lectron

    @ tb & GBH

    I can do. I’m a life Heights resident with local work references.

  • mward99

    Anybody notice that (at least of the cards I saw) the political cards at City Chemist are all slamming the current administration? In particular, Obama, Biden, and Clinton. One card called Hillary something like the “bitch from hell” (or something comparable).

    I’ll admit, I’ve laughed at political cards from the last administration, especially the ones mentioning Cheney. I guess it’s the same thing, just coming from the opposite side. Still, these rub me the wrong way and leave little desire to support that store.

  • weegee

    What’s going on with Montague Bagel? It looked like it was training day for the entire staff behind the counter, with the boss seeming very frustrated with the experience. First time I’ve ever had to tell them which number sandwich “Da Gooch” is. Both the guy making it, and the lady at the register were puzzled. A person ahead of me returned because they screwed up the three ingredients on her sandwich; a person behind me stood there (with no crowd) for 5 minutes before he was waited on. Mass firings of the old crew?

  • js

    Hmm, Weegee, I was there the Sunday before last, and it took 20 minutes for me to purchase 6 bagels (not toasted, buttered, or otherwise altered) and a quart of orange juice. Had I not been expecting guests for brunch, I’d have walked out. I wonder what’s up there.

  • suzette

    I was told Montague Bagels changed ownership. Most of the old staff left on their own weeks/months ago because their hours were cut. Went in the other day and it took a really long time to get bagel and coffee but prices were still good….

    Has anybody been back to Monty Q’s? Did the place at least look a little [alot!] cleaner? Is Dept. of Health suppose to put grading in the window? I walked by and couldn’t see it and I didn’t want to be obvious looking in the window……
    If a place gets closed down 2 times does that mean they have one more chance? Not sure how it works here…..

  • Eddy de Lectron

    Montague Bagel changed ownership a couple of weeks ago… it has been a disaster ever since…

  • nabeguy

    Eddy, either give them a chance or give them advice…nobody buys a business in the hopes of failing and I’m sure they’d appreciate the neighborhood input.

  • Scott worthington

    City of Tiny Lights–Frank Zappa

  • John Sean

    What is with the Bible Crusade group stalking the hood? Did the Jets just invade the land of the Sharks (aka JW)? Nonetheless, glad to see more youth getting involved in organized religion

  • north heights res

    Adding a loud “amen” to the chorus about Montague Bagels. Was in there Saturday morning around 7 and none of the staff had any idea what they were doing. I was really surprised, as my experiences in the past there had been excellent.

    I liked the old ownership. Did they just cash in? Makes me sad that what I considered neighborhood stalwarts are gone.

  • AEB

    Yes, I too saw some street-corner proselytizers–or leafleters–on returning from work today.

    Their banner read “Bible Crusade.” Something seriously unfitting about that–you know, Religion on the March. Weren’t the original crusades an attempt by Christens to dispel Muslims from the holy land, i. e.,kill them off?

    Ah, plus ca change…

  • Gianluca

    I do like spread the voice of a new place, especially if I know the people that run it. When you first open is good to have a friend like me that help you to make people know about your place. The place deserves to be giving a try but I don’t expect “north heights res” to do so. Too bad. Thanks Homer for the opportunity that you give to people to mark new happening in our neighborhood.

  • Jorale-man

    WNYC has good an interesting about Barney’s on their web site. No firm conclusions about what its effect will be on neighborhood businesses but some interesting questions raised:

  • Jorale-man

    sorry that should read “has posted an interesting story” – I shouldn’t be typing before my first cup of coffee!

  • Eddy de Lectron

    @ nabeguy
    Hey, I was only making an observation and echoing the sentiments of others… you are right “nobody buys a business in the hopes of failing” However, I do not know if the new owner is reading this blog.
    As far as giving them a chance; Montague Bagels has been operating just fine for over 15 years, what chance do they need? The new owner rushed in and started making blind changes to the daily routine, fired key employees and replaced them with morons. It is entirely their fault if the place now fails.