See the Stars Saturday Night at Brooklyn Bridge Park

The Amateur Astronomers Association of New York will host a star-studded event on Pier 1, Brooklyn Bridge Park, starting at dusk this Saturday evening, October 9. This from BBPC:

As dusk begins about 6:30pm October 9th, you can see a very thin crescent Moon in the southwest. Two planets are nearby — Venus (also a thin crescent) below the Moon and Mars above it. After they set you will turn your attention to Jupiter, rising higher in the east. Jupiter’s moon Io is behind the planet but becomes visible again around 8:30pm, after which all four of its bright moons will be seen.

If you’re lucky it may be possible to spot Comet Hartley 2 in the constellation Perseus later in the evening! And you may be able to spot some beautiful star clusters as well.

For questions, email Alison at or call 718-802-0603 x.12.

The forecast is for clear skies.

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