TONY Shouts Out Game Shows

Sure Magnetic Field may be closing, but that doesn't stop the magic that is Match Game 08 from getting some ink:


Time Out New York: Dick Swizzle, the curly-haired alter ego of Magnetic Field owner William Crane, has hosted his Sudden Death Game Show (what he calls a “drunken version of Jeopardy!”) for three years. But he recently introduced this guessing game—where panelists and contestants try to match responses to ribald fill-in-the-blank statements—as a vehicle for local personalities like Brooklyn Heights Blog scribe Homer Fink and comic Lynn Rosenberg. Just like its Me Decade inspiration, the three-round challenge is heavy on shtick: “It’s half trying to make a match and half trying to make a joke,” says Swizzle, who rewards winners with 80 percent of the door, and second-placers with the remaining 20 percent (also-rans get free Budweiser). Though Magnetic Field closes at the end of March, neither Match Game nor Sudden Death are being canceled: Swizzle plans to take both to Union Hall after a brief hiatus.Magnetic Field (718-834-0069, Sun 23 at 8pm. $5 to play, spectators free.

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