Post: Witness Buildings May Solve Park Funding Problem

Existing buildings owned by the Jehovah’s Witnesses could, it is suggested, be purchased by the City, converted to luxury condos, and the tax revenue they generate used to help fund Brooklyn Bridge Park maintenance.

New York Post: The Jehovah’s Witnesses could answer the prayers of locals fighting to keep more high-rise condos out of Brooklyn Bridge Park.

During a closed-door session at Borough Hall yesterday, some civic leaders and elected officials discussed having the city revise the waterfront park’s project plan to include dozens of DUMBO and Brooklyn Heights properties that the religious group has put up for sale.

The Post article credits Heights resident Tony Manheim with “leading this charge” to utilize revenues from the Witness buildings in lieu of those from newly built residential buildings within the Park itself.

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  • DaltonP

    Jehovah’s Witnesses were/are the largest landowner in Brooklyn?

    The Watchtower Society corporation in 2010 is cashing in on their Kingdom assets.Selling off property in Brooklyn and moving upstate to their Patterson complex.
    Three generations of my Jehovah’s Witnesses family donated heavily to the Watchtower investing in their *new order* after Armageddon.

    Jehovah’s Witnesses are noted for their chief doctrine that Jesus had his second coming in 1914 and going door to door with Watchtower magazines,google * Jehovah’s Witnesses Watchtower * for facts on this group.

  • ABC

    What a great solution.

    When people question the condo-for-maintenance plan — at least on this blog — I felt like there was a lot of “we have a world class park. what more do you want ungrateful child?” attitude. But there are smart people here. There’s always a third way.

    Now let’s hope they don’t turn all those Witness buildings into dorms.

  • EHinBH

    City-owned property will turn to trouble. NOT GOOD FOR THE HOOD. PLEASE let’s not let that happen if we can help it…

  • Obama?

    Here’s how the Watchtower & corrupt NYC government got over on us last time:


    Problem–Brooklyn Heights has hotels that have become rundown SROs & filled by City agencies with “undesirables.” Oh my!
    Reaction–We must do something about this! But alas, what can be done?

    Solution–”Dump” them on the Watchtower at a fraction of what they’re worth! Those clean-cut Witnesses will rid us of the unsavory “undesirables” & make those worthless buildings look spiffy-new again! God bless those Witnesses, they’re so diligent & wholesome!

    So who’s to mind years later when those deserving Witnesses make enormous profits on those once “distressed” properties!? God love them!

    The anatomy of a scam.

  • BBob

    2010 apocalyptic Watchtower still kicking around and selling out to luxury condo conversions that no Jehovah Witness member could ever afford.
    Yep,armageddon -ain’t-a-coming-so-im-a-getting-outta-here

  • nabeguy

    Listen, if the JW’s manage to sell off all of their holdings in the Heights, they’ll probably be able to start their own apocalypse.
    And they’ll arrive in Heaven in style!

  • Roger

    Jehovah’s Witnesses have probably as much money as the Mormons do, and the Catholics are next. But at least the Catholics don’t tell as many lies to get it.

  • Spiritualbrother

    So much for preaching that the end of the world is near.

  • bklyn20

    If they get out and let us use the buildings to finance the park, I promise to never call their booklets “comic books” again.

    This is our best chance for an actual “World Class Park” and not a “World Class Semi-Gated Community with Expensive Landscaping.”

    Parcopalypse Now!

  • the Where

    nothing sadder than former cult members astroturfing this post.

    ehinbh has it right…. the city buys those building say hello to the ‘no snitching’ demographic moves in.

  • bklyn20

    If the JW buildings become affordable housing, can’t that be a good thing? And has anything even been decided now?

    With the exception of the young man who got in with the wrong crowd on Clark Street this past summer, aren’t the inhabitants of the Mitchell-Lamas buildings on Henry/Cadman/Clark good neighbors and contributors to the community? Isn’t that complex largely affordable housing, with some conversions to co-ops? Doesn’t/didn’t Joan Millman live there? Have you noticed multiple gangbangers throwing signs? Are the rent-controlled and -stabilized people in the Riverside Houses on Columbia Place, who fought to save their historic back garden, menaces to society?

    Some of us are revealing the narrowness of their minds right now.(Barely) coded language, anyone?

  • william

    Go, Tony Manheim, go!

    Great man, great idea. Thank you for your 30-year dedication to a waterfront PARK.

  • the Where

    bklyn20 you make me laugh. the clark street building is dying to be a coop and the people there have done all they can do to bury the shooting story.

    affordable housing is just another word for felon dorm.

  • bklyn20

    Obviously I am going to diagree with you, but I am glad to give you a laugh. Even if many in Cadman Towers want to go co-op, my point is the same — it started out as an affordable housing project, many of the people dying to cash in were “middle income” and seem to have enriched rather than diminished the neighborhood.

    There are all kinds of affordable housing — the townhouses surrounding South Oxford Park In Fort Greene are beautiful, owner-occupied (owned,not rented) and safe and crime-free. IF the former JW buildings are to be “affordable housing,”
    there are MANY different formulas that can be used. The cart is miles ahead of the horse here.

  • nabeguy
  • Margarett

    Habakkuk 2:3

    1914: Compare the events of that year with the signs Jesus kindly left us to discern his coming. Also compare with the four horsemen of Revelation.

    The prophecy will have its completion before earth succumbs to man.

    Examine a trees ‘own’ leaves. Examine the pages of our publications. Regards.

  • Scott

    Its amazing how the apostates and haters travel together to promote their propaganda! I won’t waste my time even acknowledging their statements. They are mearly speaking for their father! The fact is, its wonderful to see that Bible prohecy continues to be fullfilled. The organization continues to move ahead with spearheading the preaching work. This Good News of the Kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth. My only hope for those reading the article and/or following this blog, is that they will see through the hate, ignore it and maybe even be sparked to find out why Jehovah’s people are so hated, being that they are the most peaceable people on the planet. Brothers and sisters…we know we should not engage in conversation with apostates. Instead, use these open forums to tell others about the kingdom and our Creator. If any humble, teachable person reads these articles blogs, Jehovah will surely draw them to his people and help them learn the Truth…

  • nabeguy

    Scott, if you don’t talk to the apostates, how do you plan to sell your properties? For somebody so humble, you certainly seem to have an inflated sense of your relationship to Jehovah.

  • ABC

    actually, the residents of the “clark st” buildings have repeated voted down going co-op like 75 henry did. altho the hear the votes are getting closer and closer.

  • the Where

    Scott, stop reading comic books and basing your life on them. You’ve been had. Get out while you can.

  • Sarah

    For over one hundred years the Watchtower Organization has been “pulling the wool” over the eyes of its’ members. The Jehovah’s Witnesses believe they are in a “spiritual paradise” where everything is honest, true and in the open. Schemes, scandals, scams and cover-ups define the very organization they belong to. Many Jehovah’s Witnesses are now seeing what the Watchtower Organization is hiding behind.