Another Ricky’s Boycott Protest on Montague St.

Approximately 20 activists protested Ricky’s yesterday evening on Montague Street, some waving Palestine flags, and holding signs encouraging boycott of an Israeli-made cosmetics company called Ahava whose products are  carried by the store. Video after the jump.

The protesters appear to have included members of Code Pink, as signs reference a “Brooklyn for Peace” organization which is affiliated with the Code Pink group. BHB readers may recall that the Code Pink group orchestrated a similar protest in front of Ricky’s back in July of this year.

Approximately an equal number of pro-Israel supporters counterprotested, some waving Israeli flags, holding signs, and chanting slogans such as “Not one inch!”.

Two NYPD officers stood between the two groups to keep order, all the while typing on their smart phones (perhaps updating Facebook statuses?).

According to other news accounts, Ricky’s has refused to remove the Ahava products and when boycott protests occur, sales of the products actually increase.

See video for a glimpse at the noisy scene.

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  • Juan Carlos

    ” Palestinians were living there long before any Jews settled there.”

    Um. Carl. The Jews have been there for 3500 years. Long before the Palestinians were invented. Think Christmas story. Roughly 2,000 years ago, right? Jews. Romans. No Palestinians. No Arabs. No Muslims.

    Arachaelogical evidence. Historical evidence. Linguistic evidence. DNA evidence.

    What do you have? Absolutely nothing

  • RfaelMoshe

    As is typical in these type of discusions, the supposed “Anti-Zionists” parrot that collection of myths, fabrications, presumptions and tall tales called the “Palestinian narrative”, rather than actuial history. Among these presumptions is the idea that “Palestinian” is an ethnicity or tribal designation, when in fact it is an Arab poltical sub-designation assigned to the Arabs that had left pre-state Israel only in1964 by the Arab League. Actually, the ancestors of the vast majority of today’s self-identified Palestinians were economic migrants, attracted by the economic boom sparked by the early Zionists. What the Jordanians re-named “the West Bank” when they illegally invaded and annexed it in 1948, was historically “Judea and Samaria”, not “Palestine.” In fact, many of the Jewish “settlements” are on land that was purchased and farmed decades before Israel was a state, such as the Gush Etzion bloc rather than the usually parrotted myth of “stolen Palestinian land.”

    “Anti-Zionism” is a political stance that opposes any political expression by the Jewish people, but only the Jewish people,of all the peoples of the world, their natural right of national self determination. Often, “Anti-Zionism” approach the natural rights of the Jewish people by denying the Jewish people their “people hood”, that is to say, denying the distinct nature of the Jewish peoples’ culture, languages, history etc. In essence, “Anti-Zionism” is distinguishable from simple Jew Hating racism or “anti-Semitism” in that rather being opposed to the Jewish people, “Anti-Zionism” opposes any assertion of political rights or political activity by Jewish people. It is a slight difference. In would ask the “Anti-Zionists” that are posting here, “if your political opinions are based on “non-facts”, then what are those opinions worth?” And, if “Anti-Zionism” requires lying about Jews and Israel, then why?

  • Nancy

    This is my real name and I am proud to be a Zionist

  • Fatima

    Not all, not even most Palestinians are native to the land of Israel. Many are recent immigrants who arrived during Ottoman times or later. You can tell by looking at common Palestinian surnames

    al-Masri – the Egyptian
    al-Mughrabi – the Moroccan
    al-Turki – the Turk
    al-Hindi – the Indian
    al-Hourani – the Syrian
    al-Kurdi – the Kurd
    al-Djazair – the Algerian
    al-Yamani – the Yemeni
    al-Afghani – the Afghan

  • Carl Bruce

    @Nancy: Why would anyone be proud to be a racist? I would hang my head in shame if I were you! How can you say something like that?

    @”Fatima”: You just gave yourself away, whatever your real name is, by saying: “…most Palestinians are native to the land of Israel”.

    Methinks you are a Zio who is using a false Arabic name to give people the illusion that the satanic state has the support of a Palestinian.

    See my comment to Nancy above.

  • nabeguy

    Carl Bruce, I’m not clear on how I was proved wrong, but at least I shamed you into revealing your full name. Keep your button. As this thread clearly shows, they’re too easily pushed by divisive zealots like you.

  • Fatima

    ”Fatima”: You just gave yourself away…

    But Carl, its true. My family is an effendi family- we have been in the region since the Crusades. But many many more Palestinians came in during the Ottoman era and even after. The Syrian immigration was primarily after the Hauran famine. Also, the Brits shipped in 30,000 Syrians as stevadores. The Jews were in this land. Others were in this land as well. We are as native as they are.

    Methinks you are a Zio who is using a false Arabic name to give people the illusion that the satanic state has the support of a Palestinian.

    Carl, I know more about my people and my history than you do. And many many Israeli Arabs support Israel. Read the writings of Khaled abu Toameh or Ishmael khaldi

  • Claude Scales

    Methinks anyone who uses a term like “the satanic state” isn’t engaging in serious discussion.

  • Carl Bruce

    @Nabeguy: You posted: “please stop calling out people for not using their own names. Your own is about a complete as your ideas”. Now look at my name nabeguy above. Answer your question?

    @Fatima: When you used the term “Land of Israel”, that gave you away. Only Zionists use say that. I also know for a fact that your post was a cut and paste job from a Zionist website. Nothing wrong with that, but you should of been more original – and truthful.

    @ Claude: “Not serious”? I call ’em as I see ’em: If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, swims like a duck, then it must be a duck.

    I’ve also been arrested several times for participating in nonviolent direct actions against the satanic state. On all occassions, the Israeli companies refused to attend court (they didn’t want to air their dirty laundry in public) and the charges were dropped.

    Serious enough for you?

  • Nancy

    Me thinks anyone who uses the term “satanic state” is a little coo coo for cocoa puffs.

  • nabeguy

    Carl, you’re such a sucker…obviously. Done.

  • MikeR

    Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. In fact the Israeli’s democracy is the reason why the Palestinians are still there. Israel could have easily annexed the territories they occupied after they defeated Jordan and Egypt during the Six Day war launched by a group of Arab countries.

    All Jewish people did was returned to their country of origin from which they were driven some two thousand years ago and later prosecuted during the rest of their history. The last major Diaspora was precipitated by the destruction of the Temple in 70 AC by Titus. WW2 and the Holocaust (yes it did happen) was a major impetus for the Jews to go back to their homeland from which they were driven from. AEB, to learn from history first you should know history.
    Palestinians many of whom have come from nomadic tribes or beguines had an ample of opportunity for the past two thousand years, while the Jews were in exile, to build a prosperous country there. Israelis built a vibrant democracy in less than 50 years. Now the country greatly contributes to the entire world in so many areas of science, medicine (why do not you people boycott Israeli pharmaceutical companies that save your lives) literature, arts etc.

    And by the way, Ahava is hiring Arabs and these very Palestinians that you are defending so passionately. I am not a Jew but I went to Israel and was amazed by the country they built – a true Oasis in a desert.