Brooklyn Heights Car Chase!

Tonight at about 10:25 PM, to the sound of screeching tires and blaring horns, two cars raced the wrong-way down Pierrepont Street.

With traffic coming the other direction, the car in front was unable to proceed, and the occupant(s) jumped out and fled. Multiple police cars arrived shortly thereafter.

I’m told that car #1 was being chased by car #2, because the occupant of car #2 had something stolen by the occupant of car #1.  The chase began in Manhattan, but what was stolen, and whether it was recovered is unknown. Apparently the Manhattan Bridge was shut to traffic for a time in hopes of catching somebody.

This first picture is of the car that contained the alleged thief (thieves).
Car #1 - Pursued

The second picture is of the car that was in pursuit.
Pursuit Vehicle

The alleged perp in car #1 apparently took the car keys with them, so the cops are unable to move the vehicle and it is still blocking Pierrepont Street.

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  • beth

    YES I heard this happening last night. I was afraid a pedestrian or other vehicle would get hit. Glad that didn’t happen.