Dorothy!!! It’s a Twister in Brooklyn Heights!!

At  5:41pm,  a TORNADO WARNING was issued for  Brooklyn and Queens.  It was called off for Brooklyn at 5:48pm.  Whatever you do, don’t do what we did — which is to go outside and take a video of the impending DEVASTATION.  The report from Willow Street after the jump.

And kudos to FreshDirect (@freshdirect) for delivering our stuff on time!  Stay dry fellas!

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  • David on Middagh

    The wind was so strong, I was standing under a sidewalk shed on Montague Street, with my umbrella up, and I still got wet.

  • RobtN

    Hail, and horizontal rain on Grace Court Alley. Haven’t been outside yet, but no trees seem to be down from my window.

  • AAR

    Wow! Brooklyn Heights Blog has gone national…just saw Homer’s video on the NBC Nightly News as well as Channel 4 6 PM local news! Congratulations!

  • Homer Fink

    Yes our pals at @nbcnewyork picked up the footage!

  • Lisa

    How were you watching NBC 4 ? My Time Warner Cable is out!

  • val

    No one is reporting the hail. On Garden Place, the hail was as big as marbles. I was afraid it would break a window!

  • val

    Hey! Shout out to BHB on Ch4 just now!

  • Lou

    I was riding home from work in that storm. I made it all the way from Columbia to Chambers street before the sky opened up. I decided to ride it out and rode across the Brooklyn Bridge in the heart of it. I was soaked to the core in the 1st ten seconds. So many people cowering by the anchors of the Brooklyn Bridge. The lightening on the way was the scariest part. I could see all kinds of strokes in Jersey and then suddenly they were right over the bike path.

    That was scary.

  • T.K. Small

    As the storm opened up, I was imitating a Fresh Direct delivery guy, taking some groceries to my father on Grace Court. After he climbed into my van, the automatic door wouldn’t shut and my right side got completely soaked and pelted with hail. Finally we got the door shut. I definitely would not have wanted to be on the Brooklyn Bridge during that storm.

  • north heights res

    Wow…I’m so sorry that I was drinking bourbon at Char No 4 on Smith St while all of this was going on in my nabe.

    Um, not. =)

  • AEB

    The hale was scary. It struck my windows like like not-so-small stones. Both cats hid. I almost did, too.

  • TS McGee

    The Clark Street entrance to the promenade is now very dangerous. The Sink Hole was bad enough, but a 12″ limb above the entrance that is 3/4 broken through is a much worse. BE CARE FULL!! I called 311 but the woman I spoke to could barely speak English. I personally positioned the barricades to prevent harm to the public.

  • AJB

    Thanks for sharing the video. Definitely braver than me. I’m over on Livingston and had a different experience. Watched the storm come in from my 3rd floor picture window. I’m directly across from a block-wide open parking lot so have a wide-open view. First saw the rain come in horizontal waves and lots of lightning streaks. Then sky turned very black and the atmosphere had a green tinge and the rain started swirling counter-clockwise – don’t think I’ve ever seen this happen before. Suddenly the scene before my window went white (assume it was a wind blast furiously whipping the rain from west to east). At this point I grabbed my cat and waited it out in my foyer. Sorry no video — it all happened very quickly..

  • Lost w/o TV, Phone & Internet

    Is anyone else without Time Warner Cable service? Unfortunately we have their triple service so I had to go elsewhere today to check the BHB.

  • Matthew Parker

    Nice interactive piece from the NYT shows the storm’s(tornado’s?) path through Bklyn and into Queens:

  • Matthew Parker

    Just got back from Park Slope and Prospect Park. Those folks got slammed much harder than the Heights. Crazy damage all over and many, many trees uprooted or huge branches down–including one I saw on a side street that totally destroyed a car.