Wag Your Tail for this Weekend’s Dog Show

Does your pooch have star quality? Then you’re in luck, because the BHA is holding a dog show for Mopsy, Spike and Spot this Sunday in front of Pets Emporium on Montague. Details after the jump!

Registration is from 12-12:45 PM, and the show will run from 1-3. The winners of each class will then compete for “Brooklyn Heights Top Dog”. The classes are:

1. BEST TAIL WAGGING: Dogs judged on the exuberance of their tail motion.
2. MOST AFFECTIONATE: Beyond tail wagging and adorable looks, this is an extrovert.
3. BEST LOOK ALIKE: To judge which owner looks most like his/her canine companion.
4. MOST OBEDIENT: To show off how well your dog listens to your commands.
5. LEAST OBEDIENT: If you didn’t win in class number 4, here’s your chance.
6. MOST MYSTERIOUS HERITAGE: You won’t find this class at Westminster.
7. TERRIFIC PET TRICK(s): Show off your dog’s talent at anything.
8. BEST PUPPY: They’re cute, adorable-they’ll steal the show! This is for puppies aged 14 weeks
to 6 months. The judges will have a tough time picking the winner of this class.
9. BEST SENIOR DOG: While perhaps showing a little grey around the muzzle, this class of dogs 7 years and older will truly capture the spirit of “man’s best friend.”
10. BEST HAIRDO: This class is for canines with class and a little bit of attitude.
11. BEST VOCAL PERFORMANCE: This class features special vocal talents – includes barking, snorting, howling etc.
12. BEST PAIRS: Double your fun with a pair of dogs walking together with one owner.
PEOPLE’S CHOICE BEST OF SHOW AWARD: 1st Place winners from above classes are invited back to be judged by the crowd as Brooklyn Heights’ Top Dog. (Based on a show of hands.)

For more information visit thebha.org.

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  • Ger

    rename suggestion for category 5 – “Most Independent”