Tinseltown and Tweets at BKBF

Comedian Sarah Silverman made an appearance at soggy Brooklyn Book Festival, and true to form showed off a bit of bathroom humor:

RT @cvbryant: @SarahKSilverman just walked out of the men’s bathroom at #bkbf… Oh Sarah!

More celeb photos and twitter updates after the jump.

Venus Williams joined the fun:

And the peanut gallery tweeted:

RT @hilaryallred: The Brooklyn Book Fair was amazing, aside from the rain. So happy to have met @LizzieWurtzel and @askanyone, two of my favorite authors. :)

@mattlanger The Brooklyn Book Fair is in rain delay in the bottom of the fourth chapter. Please enjoy these highlights from the 1997 MLA.

@PeteAJ A soggy, downbeat Brooklyn Book Festival…actually looks like a fair # still turned out.

@hula_doll Brooklyn Book Fair was a wash. Couldn’t see books. Just saw umbrellas.

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