Election Roundup and How to Use Those New Fangled Voting Machines

Tomorrow is primary day in New York and our local races are interesting to say the least. Catch up on what’s happening and a video on how to use those new voting machines, after the jump.

52nd Assembly District Primary
Joan Millman profile [BHB]
Doug Biviano profile [BHB]
Biviano Bashes Millman [Boropolitics]
Millman vs. Biviano Debate [Brooklyn Paper]
The Media Reports on the Media Not Covering Biviano’s Campaign [BHB]

52nd AD Democratic District Leaders
Jo Anne Simon guest blog [BHB]
Hope Reichbach guest blog [BHB]
Orwellian Mailing in the 52nd [AYR]
District Leader Races Why They Matter [BHB]

Challengers Target Longtime Brooklyn Officials in Primary [Brooklyn Eagle]
NY Daily News on District Leader Races [NYDN]

Double check your polling place location at the Board of Elections website.

Voting machine video via yournabe.com

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  • AEB

    New fangled? One of the (many) horrors of my youth back in the Pleistocene Epoch involved tests for which one had to mark one’s answer with a soft pencil in the appropriate box-like space.

    One’s test sheet would then be read by a room-size computer.

    We are in the realm of regression here…

  • Obama?

    You know, comrades,” says Stalin, “that I think in regard to this: I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this — who will count the votes, and how.

  • bornhere

    The “new” system seems more cumbersome than complex, and looks like it could have been the way people had to cast a vote before the phone booth design, levers, and handsome vinyl curtain came along. And now there’s a “Privacy Sleeve,” which looks suspiciously like what some of us might call “manila folder.” Leaps and bounds, here, for sure. Leaps and bounds.

  • Joe Nardiello

    The voting process is far easier.. than I’ve seen or read explained. Although from what I saw, and hear so far, it’s serving to make voting an exercise of younger voters.

    1. You sign in, and are handed a ballot (which is taken off the top of a large pad, by the poll workers).

    2. You fill it in by coloring-in an oval next to the Candidates name you want to vote for, by pen, at a nearby table almost like you’re choosing a Lotto winner, instead of a candidate). It’s easier than ever to Write In a candidate, now, by the way.

    3. Then, you walk it over to a small, ATM-looking machine where poll workers will help you insert the entire flat, 1-page ballot right into it… and you’re done.

    That’s it, essentially. Aside from a small index card they hand you, sort of as a ID for the poll-workers to know if you’re a Democrat (green) or a Republican (pink) being today is Primary Day for these 2 major parties. They take those back, at the end, for checking/tabulating later on.

    P.S. — Watched the video above.. first I’d seen them, as there were absolutely no “privacy sleeves” used at our polling place.