Crimewave: Burglary Edition

According to this week's edition of the Brooklyn Paper, there was a slew of burglaries last week, hitting Willow and Orange Streets:

Around the corner, in a building on Orange Street between Willow and Hicks streets, a renter returned from a week on Feb. 11 to discover that another “fire escape burglar” had raided her home for a laptop, a pearl necklace and other valuables. In all, she lost $5,295 in stuff.

And it seems that the trend of burglaries continues this week, with Columbia Heights residences as the targets. They appear to be coming down from the roof, via fire escapes, and opening any unlocked windows.

Lock your windows! Insure your stuff! Watch the skies!

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  • No One of Consequence

    I bet they don’t have this in Park Slope…


  • Martin

    . . .Don’t close the windows, go to your local hardware store, get a piece of plywood about 4 feet long and a box of nails. Stick the nails through the piece of plywood and leave it right underneath the window. Saw that in a movie once.

  • No One of Consequence

    What movie was that,, Home Alone 2?

  • Tim N.

    NO of C:


  • Teddy

    Charles Bronson did it in “Death Wish 3″.

  • ZippyDChimp

    A bed of nails might sound clever, but in the event of a fire, you could potentially harm or kill a firefighter. Maybe a call to ADT would better serve.

  • Re No of C

    It couldn’t have been Home Alone 2. In that movie, the young boy was lost in New York City, and didn’t have a “home” to defend, per se. Martin was likely referring to Home Alone 1, wherein the young boy was actually alone at home, and fended off burglars using myriad tactics, including, I believe, the aforementioned plywood with nails trap.

  • the meowking

    also learned from death wish 3, it’s ok to buy a car, park it on the corner as bait for neighborhood punks, who can then be shot as soon as they give you any lip.

  • frank

    Dogs…only large snarrely dogs will keep the animals away.