Open Thread Wednesday 9/1/10

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It’s September already!  Comment away!!

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  • Daddy Dearest

    @almost new dad We use Dr. Brianne O’Connor who shares her practice with Dr. Pytlak and Dr. Dalton. Although Dr. O’Connor is our primary, our kids see all three. The Doctors all cover each other for sick visits.We couldn’t be happier with the practice. Not only are all three docs great, but their support staff is also excellent. The office is very easy to deal with and in our experience if you call before 4:30pm, they will see you that day.

  • SML

    Almost New Dad – We’ve seen Dr Silverblatt for 7+ years and have been really happy with her. Dr. Finkelman has retired (or is very part-time) from the practice. I know there have been mixed reactions to him, but I liked his frank, no “beating around the bush” manner. Dr. Alexis Bonaparth, a new (male) addition to the practice, is very nice, warm and engages the kids. I like the fact that they have male and female doctors for when my children (boy and girl) get older (which I know if a long way off for you!) and may prefer a dr of their own gender.

    The office is on Henry Street across from CVS, open on Saturdays and takes insurance (Cigna, for sure).

  • justaneighbor
  • Laura

    I’ve been noticing late night festivities going on at Bread & Butter on the weekends. I didn’t think they were a restaurant and a bar. Does anyone know if they are open late night or are these private parties? It’d be nice to have another place to go for a late night beer instead of just Henry St. Ale House.

  • Harry

    Speaking of Bread and Butter, am I the only one who thinks someone has erred in equating “American comfort food,” with going way way overboard with butter and cream in a huge number of their dishes? I don’t normally eat a rich diet, and, though much of their food may be tasty, my body can’t handle that much fat in one meal.