Open Thread Wednesday 9/1/10

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It’s September already!  Comment away!!

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  • north heights res

    Any further opinions/experiences with new hair place on Montague, upstairs? Desperately need an affordable local place to get a hair cut.

  • Jane

    2 questions: Where can I bring my single, Manhattanite girlfriends out for a good time in the heights/cobble hill (with a chance of meeting men) and does anyone know when Barney’s is opening?

  • Arch Stanton

    Jane, bring them over to my place…

  • SML

    I heard Barneys Co-Op is opening in October – so until then you’ll have to shop in Manhattan with your girlfriends in preparation for your girls’ night out in Brooklyn ;-)

  • Dave

    North Heights – My wife got hers cut and colored there and she came home pretty upset. They made her hair way too dark and did not cut it in the style or length she asked for.

  • Mark

    Does anyone else think the emergency vehicles are a little excessive when, after midnight, they use both the siren and lay on the horn? I understand they are rushing to help but it just seems like they are trying to wake up the neighborhood.

    Even if they were speeding to help me, i am sure i’d be happy with just the siren. I say only use the horn for a tap at intersections or if someone doesn’t see or hear them, which in itself is absurd with the volume of the siren.

  • Nancy

    I go to the Heights Salon and go to Mario-always a good cut and color. I get many compliments from co-workers and family.

  • cobble hill gal

    north heights- i go to salon van sickle on middagh. i’ve always been happy with my haircut afterwards and the prices are reasonable

  • lori

    North Heights – Hair Profiles, now on Remsen Street – Emily! However, a previous review of the new place on Montague was positive. Very personal.

  • lois

    More tree branches down in the Heights, and many more ready to come down. Check out the tree in front of the Monroe Place side of the Unitarian Church and many others on Pierrepont Street. Calls to 311 don’t work until the tree branches are already down – and that’s too late.

  • almost new dad

    We are expecting our first child and would love to hear some recommendations and thoughts on pediatricians in the neighborhood. Ones with evening/weekend hours would be great! Thanks!

  • Matthew Parker

    I’ll second Van Sickel. Jessica is my girl.

  • AL

    Very unhappy with Van Sickel – both Mark and Jessica.

  • north heights res

    Well, thanks, everyone–not much consensus here! But thanks for weighing in.

  • justaneighbor


    Not sure of your age demographic, but 20’s/30’s:

    – Henry Public
    – Clover Club
    – Brooklyn Social
    – Char No. 4
    – Camp
    – Bar Tabac

  • Sally

    The salons in the Height’s are now great. if you want an excellent hair cut go to Salon 7 in the East Village and ask for Mark he is the man !

  • Homer Fink

    Just ordered from Dallas Jones on Atlantic. Is that place a total sh*tshow or is it just me?

  • AEB

    No, it’s just them, 24-7.

  • T.K. Small

    Homer, I recall that you ordering from their and reporting on the experience when they first opened. I believe that your excuse was that your wife was away for the weekend.

  • WillowtownCop

    I noticed the New Brooklyn Cookbook doesn’t have anything from Brooklyn Heights. The walnut and blue cheese chicken at Henry’s End is better than anything I’ve had at any of the places mentioned in the book. Snub? Not “new” enough? Or a good thing to keep all the Bs and Ts from Manhattan from taking up all the tables?

  • eg

    Has anybody been paying attention to Doug Biviano’s negative political advertising, accusing Joan Millman of getting two checks? This is the same sleazy attack that Rick Lazio pulled on Hillary. Ms Millman worked for 27 years as a teacher and is collecting a pension that is her due. And yes, she is paid also as a New York Assemblywoman – All, above board and perfectly legal. I wasn’t sure who to vote for in the primary, but now I know who I won’t vote for.

  • AEB

    Clearly–at least, it seems to me–the exclusion of a BH recipe in the cookbook has to do with not-new or not-sufficiently-interesting enough.

    Sadly, the rep of BH restaurants, no matter how good, never seems to make it out of the nabe. This s because we lack a truly great place with innovative (or perfectly rendered tried-and-true) dishes.There are a few restaurant “almosts” but many more “so-whats”…..

  • nabeguy

    I noticed that the FOR RENT sign is down on the old Busy Chef location. Anybosy heard anything?

  • my2cents

    At the risk of stirring up an old controversy I saw something yesterday which was amazing: I recall during the old bike lane dispute people claimed that the cars parked in the bike lanes would hinder fire trucks getting through. Well yesterday I was in a zipcar behind our local fire company’s hook and ladder. There were workmen’s pickups illegally and double-parked on both sides of the street and this massive truck wormed its way through them like frogger. It was a sight to behold. Just had to share.

  • nabeguy

    Where did this occur My2? In front of the church? From what I’ve observed personally and on this blog, most work crews have total disregard for parking rules. “Bike lane? Oh, is that what that is? Fire zone? I didn’t see any fire, so I thought I was okay. No standing anytime? I wasn’t standing, I was sitting, so what’s the problem?Official parking only? Hey, my cousin works for the DOT and said I could park here”

  • ClarkStChica

    I recently went to Van Sickle for the first time and had a very good experience. When I called they asked about what type of hair I have and what type of cut I wanted to get (very straight and pixie short, fyi). They gave me Mark who assessed my hair and the style before the cut and towards the end to make sure I was happy. I appreciated that they didn’t try to push highlights or make me feel guilty about being a wash-and-go girl. I think the price for a wash, cut and dry ranges from about $40 – $60, depending on time/style/effort, etc.

    If you can dedicate 2 hours and want something reasonably straight-froward, I’ve done Aveda’s training salon on Spring St. for $20.

  • Monty

    @dad, We use Dr Pytlak on Monroe Pl and she is great. Not sure if she is taking new patients, but she shares a practice with two other doctors and they are open on saturday. She also saw my daughter on a sunday night at her house in cobble hill when she had a high fever.

  • XYZ

    @ eg: Looking at he extreme positive remarks about Millman today it just makes me want to vote for Biviano to get rid of her.

  • bornhere

    I second Edna Pytlak. I met her when our kids were in playgroup together, and she was just starting out. She wasn’t my “first-line” pediatrician (he was in Manhattan), but Edna was ALWAYS available for emergencies (we, too, went to her home) and the more routine visits. If she is not taking new patients at this point, I would fully trust anyone with whom she is affiliated.

  • GHB

    Can anyone recommend someone who knows electronics and can set up a DVD player? I’m all thumbs with this stuff. Thanks!